2014-Sustainable Industrial Processing Summit
SIPS 2014 Volume 4: Recycling & Secondary Battery

Editors:Kongoli F
Publisher:Flogen Star OUTREACH
Publication Year:2014
Pages:498 pages
ISSN:2291-1227 (Metals and Materials Processing in a Clean Environment Series)
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    Recovery of precious metals from printed circuits boards

    Danilo Fontana1; Giorgia Nadia Torelli1; Roberta De Carolis1; Roberta Guzzinati1; Massimiliana Pietrantonio1; Stefano Pucciarmati1;
    1ENEA, Rome, Italy;
    Type of Paper: Regular
    Id Paper: 40
    Topic: 5


    Recovery and recycling of materials from waste from electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) represent an excellent opportunity of sustainable growth for poor countries in those critical raw materials for typical industrial production of advanced economies. The recovery of valuable metals (gold, silver, copper and tin) contained in printed circuit boards (PCBs) from WEEE has been achieved without size reduction processes by a combination of techniques called "hydrometallurgical", which allows effective treatments both at relatively low cost and low environmental impact, thus obtaining materials with the desired purity degree.
    The process involves an acid leaching of the whole PCB and allows the direct separation of metallic gold; the separation and recovery of other metals by precipitation of corresponding salts are also achieved.


    printed circuit boards, hydrometallurgy, precious metals, recovery, weee.

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    Fontana D, Torelli G, De Carolis R, Guzzinati R, Pietrantonio M, Pucciarmati S. Recovery of precious metals from printed circuits boards. In: Kongoli F, editors. Sustainable Industrial Processing Summit SIPS 2014 Volume 4: Recycling & Secondary Battery. Volume 4. Montreal(Canada): FLOGEN Star Outreach. 2014. p. 303-308.