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Fray International Sustainability Award


As they said it:

"For Leadership in developing new advanced public policy frameworks related to the efficiency of mineral and metal resources for a global sustainable development"

The recipients of Fray International Sustainability Award in the category of Politicians are:
Category Alphabetic Order

  • Commissioners/Ministers of Union of Independent States:
    - Honorable Janez Potocnik Environmental Commissioner of European Union: [Bio and List of Achievements ]: 2011
  • Heads of National Government Organizations
    - Prof. Wei Yang, National Natural Science Foundation of China [Bio and List of Achievements]: 2016, Sanya, China
  • Members of Parliament of Union of Independent States
    - Honorable Reinhard Butikofer Member of European Parliament [Bio and List of Achievements ]: 2011
  • Members of Parliament of National Governments
    - Honorable Stéphane Dion Member of Parliament, Canada [Bio and List of Achievements ]: 2011
  • Ministers of National Governments:
    - Honorable Juan Rafael Elvira Quesara Minister of Environment and national Resources, Mexico [Bio and List of Achievements ]: 2011
  • Premiers/Governors/Ministers of Sub-National Governments (States, Provinces)
    - Honorable Jean Charest Prime Minister of Quebec [Bio and List of Achievements ]: 2012
    - Honorable Pierre Arcand Minister Energy and Natural Resources and Northern Mining Plan [Bio and List of Achievements]: 2014
  • Prime Ministers of National Governments
    - Honorable Sali Berisha Prime Minister of Albania [Bio and List of Achievements]: 2012

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