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Fray International Sustainability Award


List of Achievements

About Oschatz:

Oschatz is an innovative company that provides sustainable solutions in the fields of plant construction, energy recovery and environmental technology. The company possesses over 160 years of extensive experience, more than 1,400 employees as well as subsidiaries and representative offices all around the world. Since 1849 Oschatz plants for cooling waste gases and converting the recovered heat into industrially utilizable steam are used throughout the world in the fields of iron and steel metallurgy, non-ferrous metallurgy, chemical and power plant technology.

Dr. Jan-Christopher Schrag and Dr. Hans Jürgen Schrag,
OSCHATZ, Germany
Receiving the Fray International Sustainability Award
by Dr. Florian Kongoli

The company Oschatz demands the highest standards from its products and takes sustainability very seriously. The actions focus on the productive utilization of residues, waste and waste heat. In nearly all production processes waste products occur - independently of what is produced. And this is where Oschatz comes in. The company builds innovative plants which dispose of these residues and simultaneously produce steam for the respective production plant. This way Oschatz plants make a significant contribution to a sustainable energy supply, to saving primary resources and therefore to a cleaner environment.

Sustainability achievements in energy conservation and CO2 reduction

  • Production of environment-friendly, resource-efficient plants
  • Promotion and support of the 3 R's (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) by waste-to-energy technology
  • Utilization of biomass, waste and waste heat from various processes to produce industrially utilizable steam
  • Saving of primary resources (coal, natural gas etc.) by utilization of waste heat -> carbon dioxide emissions are reduced
  • Continuous efforts to further develop and optimize technologies in order to maximize the customer's resource efficiency potential
  • Increase of the boiler lifetime cycle up to 20 years -> longer production times, less downtime, high output
  • Choice of the right waste heat utilization technology for each customer's project to ensure maximum energy efficiency
  • Generation of electricity from waste heat
  • Quality management according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, ASME etc.
  • Highest technical and environmental standards including HSE

Oschatz has been in the forefront of waste heat utilization technology development. The most notable products are:

  • Cooling stacks downstream LD-converter
  • Process gas coolers in nitric acid plants
  • Waste heat boilers as well as state-of-the-art cleaning systems used in non-ferrous metallurgical processes
Contribution to the quality of working conditions, life and well-being of company employees: The Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy

It is the company group's joint effort to hold up the quality of their work and therefore the success of the business. An essential part of this effort is the protection of each employee’s health and safety, whether male or female, the protection of third parties, and the prevention of damage to property and the environment.

In order to achieve and ensure these goals today and in the future, Oschatz is working in accordance with the following HSE principles:

  • No employee (m/f) or person working in the company's environment as well as the environment itself shall be damaged by the company's actions.
  • All activities are governed by adherence to legal and governmentally imposed requirements as well as to all relevant specifications received from the customers.
  • At Oschatz, safety, health and ecological issues are continuously developed and improved. This is why Oschatz places special importance on the prevention of accidents, occupational diseases and the elimination of all health risks emanating from the workplace.
  • Oschatz raises its employees' (m/f) awareness of the protection of the environment protection and safe work by special trainings and courses.
  • The HSE policy is binding for all employees (m/f). This way, everyone contributes to the achievement of the company's goals.
Sustainability achievements in production:
  • Gradually, the Oschatz workshops are fitted out with wind-powered ventilation systems to see to an even better air supply for the workers.
  • Due to increased preventive medical care as well as follow-up care, sick days in manufacture could be reduced to 0.93 percent, downward drift.
Achievements in social and community activities

Oschatz takes its corporate social responsibility seriously and supports numerous projects and non-profit organizations to help socially deprived or seriously ill children as well as gifted youngsters on their paths through life. Examples:

    -> An initiative which has taken on the task of helping unemployed youths from the region to gain a foothold in the labor market
  • German National Scholarship
    -> An initiative launched by the Roland Berger Foundation to support gifted students on their way to their school-leaving certificate
  • KidsGoMINT
    -> An initiative for early childhood promotion of general technical education in regional day care centers (MINT = math, information technology, natural sciences, technology)
  • "Zeitungspaten" ("Newspaper mentors")
    -> Donation of newspaper subscriptions to primary and secondary schools, so newspapers can become an inherent part of the kids' lives
  • Study concerning the health of children who used to suffer from cancer
    -> This study is concerned with the long-term consequences of cancer treatment, especially with damages to the children's bones.
  • "Herzenswünsche e.V." ("heart's desires" registered association)
    -> An association which has made it its business to fulfill the heart's desires of seriously/critically ill children


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Press Releases
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3) Oschatz erhält internationalen Nachhaltigkeitspreis

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