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Fray International Sustainability Award


Ing. Paulo Afonso Gomes

Paulo Afonso

Paulo has dedicated more than 43 years to the Iron and Steel Making Industry. He is a well-known figure in this industry due to his contribution and achievements in the domain of the sustainable management and continuous improvement of Pig Iron Production, particularly towards one based on sustainable foundations, i.e., coming from planted forests.

Ing. Paulo Afonso Gomes, Ing. B.Sc., Brazil
Receiving the Fray International Sustainability Award
by Dr. Florian Kongoli
Dr. Florian Kongoli introducing Ing. Paulo Afonso Gomes as a winner of Fray International Sustainability Award
Ing. Paulo Afonso Gomes delivering the acceptance speech during Fray International Sustainability Award ceremony

Paulo's work with customers and partners has always kept in the mind that the environment is a source of business opportunities, to generate revenue or reduce costs through innovative environmental solutions based on technical and scientific knowledge. In this context, Paulo is always using various sources of knowledge to develop the best solutions and apply them to the market. In his continuous pursuit for improvement, he avoids working in the sequence of forest-> charcoal-> pig iron. He believes that the real sustainable process is to launch the "green pig iron", which is recognized by industries worldwide as the real and legal way to produce pig iron, and the only one coming from renewable sources of energy.

Throughout his long career within various Brazilian Companies, he has left his mark of persistence for innovation on their industrial processes, and he has never forgotten the importance of the responsible use of natural resources.

In his last position, Vale do Rio Doce awarded the company he was leading with the "Sustainability Prize", for being the only company in Northern Brazil recognized as a "Self-Sustainable and Environmentally Committed Pig Iron Producer", as being the company which sources 100% of its charcoal from owned forests of renewable eucalyptus trees, and completely without the use of outsourced labor. In addition, the company was also certified by the Clean Development Mechanism granted by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and, as well by the Brazilian Government.

Full bio: https://www.flogen.org/sips2018/pdf/Paulo_Afonso_Gomes_Cv.pdf

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