Volume 1: Afonso Intl. Symp. / Iron and Steel Making
ISBN: 978-1-987820-82-9 (CD) / ISSN: 2291-122
Edited by: F. Kongoli, M.-C. Gomez-Marroquin, M. Contrucci, N. Lacerda, F. V. Cancado, M. de Souza, R. Valladares

  • Science and Technology - The Grand Disruptors and Solution Providers, sips17_46_370, Dr. Florian Kongoli
  • Intrapreneurship-Key to Success in Large and Small Organizations, sips18_46_433, Prof. Dan Shechtman
  • Serendipity Stokes Discovery: Disrupting Established Industries, sips18_46_438, Prof. Sir Fraser Stoddart
  • Graphene: Magic of Flat Carbon, sips18_46_439, Prof. Andre Geim
  • From the Structure and Function of the Ribosome to New Antibiotics, sips18_46_440, Prof. Thomas Steitz
  • Novel, Next Generation, Species Specific, Microbiome Preserving and Ecofriendly Antibiotics, sips18_46_437, Prof. Ada Yonath
  • How the Physics Principle of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Improves the Quality of Daily Human Life, sips18_46_441, Prof. Kurt Wüthrich
  • The discovery and role of nitric oxide and cyclic GMP in biological signaling, sips18_46_434, Prof. Ferid Murad
  • Digital Transformation in Mining: A Sustainable Path to Increasing Productivity, Protecting the Environment, and Developing the Society, sips18_46_442, Dr. Alp Malazgirt
  • Sustainability: A case Study of a "Perfect Storm", sips18_46_436, Prof. Donna J. Nelson
  • New Sustainable Processing of RE-based Magnetic Materials, sips18_46_408, Prof. Spomenka Kobe
  • Perspectives on the Role of New and Advanced Materials and Technologies for Energy, Environment and Sustainability, sips18_46_427, Prof. Fernand Marquis
  • Advanced Manufacturing: Principles and Industrial Sustainable Applications, sips18_46_428FS, Prof. Athanasios G. Mamalis
  • The "Unreasonable" Effectiveness of Mathematics in Physics, sips18_46_443, Dr. Peter Rowlands
  • Editor Foreword : Afonso International Symposium on Advanced Sustainable Iron and Steel Making
  • The Rise and Fall of The Northern Brazilian Pig Iron Production(Plenary), sips18_2_370
    Afonso Gomes, Paulo;
  • Sustainable Production of Pig Iron in Brazil(Plenary), sips18_2_376
    Varela Cançado, Fausto;
  • Viena Siderurgica: A Successful Story of Sustainable Pig Iron Production(Plenary), sips18_2_387
    Valladares, Rodrigo;
  • Flogen Contop Design, Decision-making, Control, Optimization and Automation System Applied at Brazilian Blast Furnaces(Plenary), sips18_2_417
    Afonso Gomes, Paulo; De Souza, Marcos; Kongoli, Florian;
  • Characterization of Fine and Coarse Sludges of LD Peruvian Steelworks(Plenary), sips18_2_134
    Gomez-marroquin, Mery Cecilia; Salazar, Kenny; D'Abreu, Jose Carlos;
  • Reduction Behavior of Composite Manganese Ore-carbon: An Analysis(Plenary), sips18_2_401FS
    Takano, Cyro; Dabreu, Jose; Braga, Ricardo; Benique, Ferry S Belisario; Beneduce, Flavio;
  • Rate Enhancement of Composite Iron Oxide Pellets by Using Semi-char and Semi-charcoal(Plenary), sips18_2_114
    Usui, Tateo; Konishi, Hirokazu; Ichikawa, Kazuhira; Ono, Hideki; Kawabata, Hirotoshi; Pena, Francisco; Souza, Matheus; Xavier, Alexandre; Assis, Paulo;
  • Theoretical and Experimental Studies on Agglomeration of Fine Particles and Dispersion of Agglomerated Particles in Liquid, sips18_2_110
    Kato, Yoshiei; Uddin, Md. Azhar;
  • The Renewability of Metal Resources – Recycling Opportunities and Limits, sips18_2_358
    Antrekowitsch, Juergen; Hanke, Gustav;
  • Energy, Environmental and Economic Aspects of Orien Technology(Plenary), sips18_2_375
    Dorofeev, Genrikh; Kongoli, Florian;
  • Improvements on Industrial Physical Processes Using Simulation(Plenary), sips18_2_397
    Lacerda, Nehemias;
  • Feasibility of Iron Production by Electrowinning(Plenary), sips18_2_335FS
    De Castro, Jose Adilson; De Campos, Marcos;
  • Metallization and Carburization Kinetic in Dr Shaft Furnaces(Plenary), sips18_2_135
    Tinoco Falero, Edelink Efrain; Otaviano, Mauricio; D'Abreu, Jose Carlos;
  • Microstructure-Related Issues for Miniaturized Tensile Tests(Plenary), sips18_2_106FS
    Dzugan, Jan; Kraus, Libor; Sindelarova, Miroslava; Sperlink, Karel;
  • Optimization Potentials for the Steel Production due to Application of Oxygen Combustion(Plenary), sips18_2_118FS
    Potesser, Michael; Rauch, Johannes; Spoljaric, Davor;
  • Numerical Simulation of Softening Layer Shape with Variable Size of Blast Furnace(Plenary), sips18_2_71FS
    Lee, Dong-Jo;
  • Reduced Environmental Impact and Increased Energy and Material Recovery in the Ferro-alloy Industry Through Staged Combustion of Flue Gas(Plenary), sips18_2_54FS
    Pettersen, Torbjørn; Wittgens, Bernd; Berglihn, Olaf Trygve; Panjwani, Balram; Ravary, Benjamin; Myrhaug, Edin;
  • Importance of Coke Quality and Optimization for Higher Pulverized Coal Injection Rates in Blast Furnace, sips18_2_172FS
    Upadhyay, Hemant; Chandra, Deepesh; Bhagat, Arvind;
  • Development and Application of Mathematical Models to Simulate Liquid Phase Accumulation, Drainage, and Heat Transfer in Blast Furnace Hearth, sips18_2_173FS
    Upadhyay, Hemant; Chandra, Deepesh; Kundu, Tarun Kumar;
  • A Journey Towards Increasing Pulverized Coal Injection and Reduction in Coke Rate at F Blast Furnace - Tata Steel, sips18_2_288
    Nath, Shambhu;
  • The Addition of Steel Scrap in the Charge and its Impact on the Result Properties of Cast Iron(Poster), sips18_2_129FS
    Futas, Peter; Pribulova, Alena; Petrik, Jozef; Pokusova, Marcela; Junakova, Andrea;
  • Impact of Raw Materials on Production and Refining of Silicon (Poster), sips18_2_400
    Dosaj, Vishu;
  • Steel Mill Dust - Only a Zinc Resource or a Potential Material for Multi Metal Recycling? (Plenary), sips18_2_448FS
    Antrekowitsch, Jurgen; Hanke, Gustav