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Metals and Materials Processing in a Clean Environment Series: ISSN 2291-1200

Modeling, Control, and Optimization in Ferrous and Nonferrous Industry
Editors:F. Kongoli, B.G. Thomas, and K. Sawamiphakdi
Publication Year:2003
Pages:541 pages
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The collection of peer-reviewed scientific papers presented at Modeling, Control, and Optimization in Ferrous and Nonferrous Industry held in Chicago, Illinois, November 9-12, 2003.

These proceedings contain papers from a symposium organized to discuss recent technological development in process control and optimization in the field of extraction and processing of metals and materials, both in ferrous and nonferrous industries. Specifically, the papers in this proceedings volume will cover:

  • Control and optimization of the feed morphology and composition in processes such as ore sintering, nickel/copper, lead/zinc, and aluminum/magnesium smelting and processing
  • Control and optimization of the chemistry and transport properties of slags, steels, metals, mattes, and aqueous solutions
  • Minimization of refractory degradation
  • Control of technologically and environmentally undesirable minor components in product and waste streams
  • Control of process parameters in iron sintering, blast furnace, electrical furnaces, flash furnace, converters, refining vessels, etc.
  • Process automation

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