2015-Sustainable Industrial Processing Summit
SIPS 2015 Volume 2: Gudenau Intl. Symp. / Iron and Steel Making

Editors:Kongoli F, Kleinschmidt G, Pook H, Ohno K, Wu K
Publisher:Flogen Star OUTREACH
Publication Year:2015
Pages:340 pages
ISSN:2291-1227 (Metals and Materials Processing in a Clean Environment Series)
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    Efficient Utilization Of Fuel Energy In The Steel Industry Using A New Structure Of Energy And Metallurgical Unit Type Self-Organizing Spray-Emulsion Reactor

    Valentin Tsymbal1; Alexey Olennikov1; Vadim Kozhemyachenko1; Inna Rybenko1; Florian Kongoli2;
    1SIBERIAN STATE INDUSTRIAL UNIVERSITY, Novokuznetzk, Russian Federation; 2FLOGEN TECHNOLOGIES INC., Mont-Royal, Canada;
    Type of Paper: Keynote
    Id Paper: 453
    Topic: 2


    Metallurgical and power industries are the largest consumers of organic fuel. Fuel and energy resources make more than 30% of the total cost of the production. The energy efficiency of the entire cycle of a traditional metallurgical process in Russia is about 20%. Almost 40-50% of the produced energy is lost with the exhaust gas. As such recuperating the exhaust gas energy in thermal and chemical forms is an efficient way to maximize the utilization of fuel energy.
    The recuperation of the thermal energy is usually done through waste heat boilers, cooling systems, and heating fuel installations in adjacent power plants.
    An alternative to this method is the recuperation of exhaust energy of the gas by using its chemical potential to obtain another synthetic gas which can serve as fuel for other units or engines. This paper introduces a new spray-emulsion metallurgical technology (SER) that makes this possible.
    This new technology has several advantages: It assures a high speed physical and chemical process flow, employs low specific volume units and has small capital and processing costs. It also has a good internal stimulus for the motion of the mixture in the reactor through a gas-dynamic locking oscillator. The process is completely closed to the atmosphere and as such it makes metal direct reduction process completely smokeless.
    Based on this technology a mini-plant can be designed in a different way having new energy and metallurgical units independent of each other that operate in parallel instead of a series of a sequential modules that are characteristics of large multilink metallurgical aggregates.
    Key words: spray-emulsion metallurgical process, system of skull cooling, hot-water boiler, physical simulation, self-organization, mini-metallurgy, slag trap.


    Energy; Gas; Iron; Slag; Steel; Technology; Temperature;


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