Foreword [pp. xi]

Session Chairpersons [pp. xii]


New Opportunities in Optimization and Control of Metals Processing(Plenary) [pp. 3-14]
H. Shang, J.B. Wiskel, J.F. Forbes and H. Henein

Interactions of Molten Fe-Cr Alloy with Refractories (Plenary) [pp. 15-28]
Y. Mizukami, T. Itoh, M. Kimoto, T. Miki, T. Nagasaka and M. Hino

On-line Detection of Quality Problems in Continuous Casting of Steel(Plenary) [pp. 29-45]
B.G. Thomas

Process Control, Optimization and Automation through Modeling andSimulation (Plenary) (Abstract Only) [p. 47]
F. Kongoli, I. McBow and S. Llubani

Effects of Ca Addition on the Thermodynamic Properties of P and B in Molten Silicon Alloys (Invited) [pp. 49-60]
K. Morita

Experimental Techniques to Characterize High-Temperatures Processes Such as the Direct Decomposition of Metal Sulfides (Invited) (Abstract Only) [p. 61]
M. Sturzenegger, I. Alxneit, C. Guesdon, M. Musella, H.-R. Tschudi and L. Winkel

Thermodynamic Simulation of Complex Metallurgical and Chemical Systems with the Method of Chemical Dynamics (Invited) [pp. 63-76]
B. Zilbergleyt and M. Zinigrad

Parameters for Control and Optimization of Bioleaching of Sulfide Minerals(Invited) [pp. 77-90]
H. Deveci, A. Akcil and I. Alp

Investigation of Genus Alyssum Species for Control and Optimization of Nickel Phytoextraction Processes and Phytoremediation of Nickel Contaminated Soils (Invited) [pp. 91-104]
A. Hasko, A. Çullaj and F. Kongoli


New Approach for the Optimization of Copper Concentrates Flash Combustion through the Control of the Blends and Slag Composition (Invited) (Abstract Only) [p. 107]
R. Parra, F. Kongoli and R. Parada

Optimization of Coke Rate and Sinter Quality by Genetic Algorithm for Two-layer Sintering of Iron Ore [pp. 109-124]
N.K. Nath and K. Mitra

Examining Reheating Furnace Thermal Response to Mill Delays (Invited) [pp. 125-135]
P.V. Barr

Comparison of Control Strategies for Reheating Furnaces [pp. 137-148]
C.P. Malhotra

Laser Measurement Under Tough Conditions (Invited) [pp. 149-155]
A. Dietrich, P. Kasperson and H. Sommerauer

Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Direct Recycling of Slags in E.A.F. [pp. 157-164]
P.S. Nita

Optimization of the Reverb Furnace Slag Composition in the RTB BOR Serbia [pp. 165-173]
N. Mitevska and Z.D. Zivkovic


Optical Spectroscopy for Process Monitoring and Production Control in Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Industry (Invited) [pp. 177-191]
W. Persson and W. Wendt

Ultrasonic Inclusion Detection and Cleanliness Measurement in MoltenAluminum and Magnesium [pp. 193-208]
Y. Ono, J.-F. Moisan, Y. Zhang, C.-K. Jen and C.-Y. Su

Accurate, Responsive Melt Rate Control During Vacuum Arc Remelting [pp. 209-224]
R.L. Williamson, J.J. Beaman and D.K. Melgaard

Solidification of Melt on a Rapidly Rotating Disc in Centrifugal Atomisation (Abstract Only) [p. 225]
K.H. Ho and Y.Y. Zhao

Role of CFD as a Process Monitoring and Prediction Tool for Secondary Steelmaking (Invited) [pp. 227-239]
A. Mukhopadhyay

Optimization of the Downcomer Performance of the Jameson Cell by Measuring Electrical Conductivity [pp. 241-252]
F.J. Tavera and R. Escudero

A Procedure for Chromate Conversion Coating of Commercial Galvanized Steel to Olive Color at Normal Temperature [pp. 253-257]
A.A. Mottahedi


Mathematical Model of Formation of Cross-Sectional Wall ThicknessVariations in Tubes During Cold Plug Drawing Process [pp. 261-272]
G.I. Gulyayev, Y.G. Gulyayev, Y.I. Shyfrin and K. Sawamiphakdi

Visualizing the Evolutions of Microstructure through Quenching Processes [pp. 273-286]
M. Takahashi, Md. Maniruzzaman and R.D. Sisson, Jr.

Computer Simulation of Temperature and Thermal Stress Fields Generated During Heat Treating of JIS 415 H Steel Parts [pp. 287-295]
H. Castillo and M.A. Neri

Effect of Agitation on the Quenching Performance of a Quench Oil usingCHTE Quench Probe System [pp. 297-312]
Md. Maniruzzaman, M.B. Stratton, T.A. Rogers, L.P. Barber and R.D. Sisson, Jr.

Process Control and Optimization of Near Net-Shaped Aluminum-SiliconAlloys Premium Cast Products (Invited) [pp. 313-332]
R. Ghomashchi

Multidisciplinary Coupled Simulations of Investment Casting Processes Using CASTS-FLUENT [pp. 333-342]
J. Jakumeit, R. Laqua, T. Ivas, J. Scheele, M. Braun, A. Mukhopadhyay and M. Pelzer

Thermal Boundary Conditions for Computer Simulation of Grey Cast IronSolidification in Sand Moulds [pp. 343-355]
N. Coone, D.J. Browne, M. Hussey and D. O’Mahoney

Prediction of Evolutional Stress in Friction Stir Welding [pp. 357-368]
C.M. Chen and R. Kovacevic

Numerical Modeling of the Thermal Behavior During the LENS™ Process [pp. 369-376]
R. Ye, Y. Zhou, W. Wei, J.E. Smugeresky and E.J. Lavernia


Cementite and Carbide Dissolution in Steels During Austenitization atHigh Heating Rates (Invited) (Abstract Only) [p. 379]
T.C. Tszeng, G. Shi and S. Purohit

Process Design and Optimization for High-Temperature VacuumCarburizing [pp. 381-395]
X.J. Gao, G.B. Olson, F. Stavehaug and C. Scharer

Grain Boundary Grooving by Surface Diffusion with Strong SurfaceEnergy Anisotropy (Abstract Only) [p. 397]
T. Xin and H. Wong

Asynchronous Parallel Potts Model for Simulation of Grain Growth [pp. 399-412]
P.A. Manohar and A.D. Rollett

Irregular Cellular Automata Modeling of Recrystallization and Grain Growth in an Al-killed Steel Including the Influence of AlN-Precipitation [pp. 413-420]
K.G.F. Janssens, F. Vanini and E. Kozeschnik

Competing Processes of Hardening and Softening during Strain Aging of Mild Steel [pp. 421-428]
I.E.A. Aghachi and H.D. Chandler

Modeling of Precipitation in Multi-Component Multi-Particle Multi-Phase Systems [pp. 429-434]
E. Kozeschnik, J. Svoboda, F.-D. Fischer

Simulation of Precipitation in a Complex 9-12% Cr Steel for Modern SteamPower Plants [pp. 435-440]
J. Rajek, E. Kozeschnik and H. Cerjak

Computer Model for Predicting Carbide Precipitation during Coiling in a Microalloyed Steel [pp. 441-450]
Y. Lee and Y. Cho


Prediction of Austenite Decomposition During Cooling of Low andMedium-Carbon Low-Alloy Steels [pp. 453-466]
E. Anelli, M.C. Cesile and P.E. Di Nunzio

Computer Simulation of The Austenite-to-Ferrite Transformation in a Fe-20%Cr-Invalid Code [Fe-]-%Cr Diffusion Couple (Abstract Only) [p. 467]
A. Salwén

Modeling the Formation of Bainitic Ferrite in Low-carbon Steels [pp. 469-480]
F. Fazeli and M. Militzer

Theoretical Modeling of the Bainitic Transformation [pp. 481-493]
D. Van Dooren, P. Thibaux and B. De Cooman

Influence of the Test Conditions on Transformation Induced Plasticity in Multiphase Steels [pp. 495-507]
A. Wasilkowska, E. Werner, M. Bartsch, S. Traint, A. Pichler and D. Huckert

A Microstructure Evolution Model Used For Hot Strip Rolling [pp. 509-527]
R.A. Shulkosky, D.L. Rosburg, J.D. Chapman and K.R. Barnes

Process Simulation Development for Industrial Rolling Applications [pp. 529-543]
D. Lambert, P.R. Jepson and H. Pihlainen

Microstructure Prediction in Thermo-mechanical Processing by Multi-Scale Simulation [pp. 545-560]
Q. Yu and S.K. Esche

Microstructure of a Lead-Free Solder Alloy Sn-57.5Bi-0.5Ag Prepared by Foundry and Mechanical Alloying Processes [pp. 561-567]
M.A. Neri and C. Carreño

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