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Professor H.Y. Sohn - Biography [pp. 3-36]
R.G. Reddy

It Is All About Energy [pp. 37-42]
P.R. Atkins

The Precious Art of Metals Recycling [pp. 43-52]
F. Vanbellen, and M. Chintinne

Nonferrous Metal Recycling in Korea: The Present and the Future [pp. 53-56]
K.-I. Rhee

The Role of Processes Modeling in Iron and Steelmaking [pp. 57-68]
P.C. Chaubal

Liquidus Relations of Calcium Ferrite and Ferrous Calcium Silicate Slag in Continuous Copper Converting [pp. 69-88]
F. Kongoli, I. McBow, A. Yazawa, Y. Takeda, K. Yamaguchi, R. Budd, and S. Llubani

Recent Developments in Copper Hydrometallurgy (Abstract Only) [p. 833]
J.O. Marsden


Remembrance of Academic Mentors and Early Associates [pp. 91-96]
H.Y. Sohn


Gas-Solid Reactions Towards New Frontiers (Keynote) [pp. 97-114]
R. Morales, I. Arvanitidis, and S. Seetharaman

Kinectic Studies on the Soda-Ash Roasting of Titaniferous Ores for the Extraction of TiO2 [pp. 115-124]
A. Lahiri, E.J. Kumari, and A. Jha

Kinetic Modelling of MnO Reduction from Slags by Dissolved Carbon in Liquid Iron [pp. 125-140]
J. Safarian, L. Kolbeinsen, and Ø. Grong

Using Sohn's Law of Additive Reaction Times for Modeling a Multiparticle Reactor. The Case of the Moving Bed Furnace Converting Uranium Trioxide into Tetrafluoride (Keynote) [pp. 141-154]
F. Patisson, B. Dussoubs, and D. Ablitzer

Physicochemical Criteria on the Mechanism of Gas-Solid Reactions Used in Extractive Metallurgy (Keynote) (Abstract Only) [p. 835]
A. Bohé, and D.M. Pasquevich

Modelling of Gas-Solid and Solid-Solid Reaction Kinetics (Invited) [pp. 155-166]
D. Sichen, and S. Seetharaman

Oxidation of Molybdenite by Water Vapor [pp. 167-172]
E. Blanco, H.Y. Sohn, G. Han, and K.Y. Hakobyan

Oxidation Removal Behavior of Boron and Local Nonequilibrium Reaction Field in Purification Process of Molten Silicon by the Flux Injection Technique (Keynote) [pp. 173-186]
M. Tanahashi, M. Sano, C. Yamauchi, and K. Takeda

Effects of Mass Transfer in Evaporation Processes of Alloy Components in Vacuum Processes [pp. 187-198]
L. Blacha, and A. Fornalczyk

Activities of Lead and Zinc Oxides in CaO-SiO2-FeOX-AlO1.5 Slag (Keynote) [pp. 199-208]
K. Yamaguchi, M. Kudo, Y. Kimura, S. Ueda, and Y. Takeda


Liquid Miscibility Gap in the Ag-Ag2S System [pp. 209-216]
R.H. Eric

Solubility of SO3 in Na2SO4 Melts and Thermochemistry of the Na2SO4-Na2S2O7 System (Invited) [pp. 217-228]
R.Y. Lin, and J.F. Elliott

Review of the Thermodynamic Properties of Binary Solid Antimonides (Invited) [pp. 229-236]
M.E. Schlesinger, and S. Jacob

Predicting of Sulfide Capacities of Industrial Lead Smelting Slags (Invited) [pp. 237-244]
B. Derin, O. Yücel, and R.G. Reddy

Hydrogen Atoms as Metallurgical Reductants—The Potential and the Difficulties [pp. 245-260]
D.R. Sadedin, W. Zhang, A.K Kyllo, and N.B. Gray

Metal/Slag Equilibrium of Ca and Al in Silicon [pp. 261-272]
C. Takano, J.B. Ferreira Neto, and E.C.O. Pinto

Thermodynamic and Kinetic Properties of Copper-Sulfur-Oxygen Melt [pp. 261-272]
V.A. Bryukvin, and V.M. Paretsky

Reduction-Leaching of a Local Barite Ore for the Preparation of Fine Grain Barium Sulphate and Carbonate [pp. 279-286]
K.A. Elbarawy, I.A. Ibrahim, A.K. Ismail, and A. Eltoni


Phase Relations and Activities in the Cu-Fe-S-X and Cu-Fe-S-C-X (X = As or Sb) Systems and Distribution of Precious Metals Relating to Reduction Smelting of Copper (Keynote) [pp. 289-300]
K. Itagaki, L. Voisin, and D. Mendoza

Volatilization Behavior of Minor Elements during Non-Isothermal Oxidation of Copper Concentrate Particles Falling in One-Dimensional Laminar Gas Flow (Invited) [pp. 301-320]
H.-S. Sohn, Y. Fukunaka, T. Oishi, and Z. Asaki

Thermodynamics of Tapping Molten Copper [pp. 321-334]
S. Wright, F. Jorgensen, and A. Campbell

Thermodynamic Modelling of Minor Elements in Copper Smelting Processes [pp. 335-348]
C. Chen, L. Zhang, S. Wright, and S. Jahanshahi

Activity of the Components in Metallic Melts, Containing Copper and Metals of “Iron Family” [pp. 349-360]
L.B. Tsymbulov, E.Yu. Kolosova, and L.Sh. Tsemekhman

Freeze Linings in Zinc Fuming Processes [pp. 361-374]
K. Verscheure, M. Van Camp, B. Blanpain, P. Wollants, P. Hayes, and E. Jak

On the Interrelation of Solid and Liquid States in Sulphide Systems Containing Cu, Ni, Co, Fe and Determination of the Metallisation Level of the Components in Melts [pp. 375-386]
L.B. Tsymbulov, and L.N. Yertseva

Thermodynamics Analysis on Reductive-Matte Smelting of Sulfide Ore of Lead, Antimony and Bismuth Which Using Ferric Oxide as Sulfur Fixed Agent [pp. 387-396]
C. Huang, C. Tang, Y. Chen, M. Tang, and D. Zhang


Recovery of Metals from Steelmaking Dust by Selective Chlorination—Evaporation Process (Keynote) [pp. 399-408]
H. Matsuura, and F. Tsukihashi

A Study on the Characteristics of Ceramic Support Manufactured by Spent Foundry Sand/Loess [pp. 409-416]
S.-W. Rhee

Characterization of Electric Arc Furnace Slag as Construction Material [pp. 417-420]
K.-S. You, N.-I. Um, G.-C. Han, and J.-W. Ahn

Processing of Silverbearing Scrap [pp. 421-428]
V. Bredykhin, O. Shevelev, E. Kazban, V. Kostjuk, and V. Kushnerov

Recycling Nonferrous Oxides in Iron and Steel Melting [pp. 429-434]
S. Lekakh, D. Robertson, S. Rimoshevsky, and V. Tribushevsky

Reduction of Zinc Oxide with Various Additives [pp. 435-444]
B.-S. Kim, J.-T. Park, J.-M. Yoo, M.-S. Kim, and J.-C. Lee

The Fundamental and Frontier on Resource Recycling of Nonferrous Metals (Abstract Only) [p. 837]
G. Xueyi

Evaluation of Efficiency in Zinc Recovery from Waste Materials [pp. 445-454]
S.M. Taghavi, and M. Halali

Processing the Ni- and Cr-Bearing Oxidized Scarfing Granulates with Liquid Cast Iron [pp. 453-462]
V.M. Sokolov, V.V. Gorbenko, I.A. Vinnik, and O.M. Mekhed


A 2-D Mathematical Model of On-Grate Municipal Solid Waste Combustion [pp. 465-474]
A. Asthana, Y. MTnard, P. Sessiecq, F. Patisson, and D. Ablitzer

Research on Separation and Regeneration of Waste Acids from IT Manufacturing Process [pp. 475-486]
J.-W. Ahn, J.-Y. Kim, C.-H. Shin, J.-Y. Kim, and J. Shibata

Desulfurization with Hydrogen Production by BS Process [pp. 487-492]
N. Sato, H. Kanazawa, E. Shibata, T. Nakamura, S. Tomisaki, H. Kuroda, and H. Shiraishi

Re-Use of Muds from Glazing and Pressing Lines of Ceramic Tile Industry in Wall and Floor Type Formulations [pp. 493-502]
A. Kara, B. Kayaci, and K. Kayaci

Chloride Capacity in FeO-Fe2O3-SiO2 Molten Slag at 1523 K (Keynote) [pp. 503-514]
Y. Yamashita, A. Fuwa, and F. Tanaka

Usability of Industrial Ashes in Cement Production as Pozzolanic Materials [pp. 515-520]
T. Kavas, B. Karasu, and O. Arslan

Basic Principles of Environmentally Sound Electrochemical Technology for Processing Sintered Carbide Scrap for Hard-Alloy Industry [pp. 521-528]
A.V. Tarasov, V.A. Bryukvin, A.A. Palant, and O.M. Grachova

Use of Borax Solid Wastes in Diopside Based Glass-Ceramic Floor Tile Glazes [pp. 529-534]
B. Karasu, G. Kaya, and O. Ozdemir

Utilizing of Borax Solid Wastes in Roof Tile and Brick Bodies [pp. 535-542]
G. Kaya, B. Karasu, and E. Karacaoglu


Phosphorus Distribution between Metal and Slag Phases Pertinent to Ferromanganese Smelting (Keynote) [pp. 547-556]
H. Saridikmen, C.S. Kucukkaragoz, and R.H. Eric

The Effect of Carbon Material Properties on the Reduction Kinetics of Manganese and Silicon from Slag to Metal (Abstract Only) [p. 839]
G. Tranell, S.G. Gaal, D. Lou, J. Safarian, L. Kolbeinsen, and M. Tangstad

The Importance of the Slag Phase in Electric Smelting of PGM Containing Sulphide Concentrates [pp. 559-582]
R.H. Eric

Tracking Chromium Behaviour in Submerged Arc Furnace for Ferrochrome Production [pp. 583-594]
Y. Xiao, Y. Yang, and L. Holappa

Selective Separation of Rare-Earth Oxides from Titaniferous Ores during the Production of High-Grade Synthetic Rutile (Keynote) [pp. 595-612]
E.J. Kumari, A. Lahiri, and A. Jha

Reduction Behaviour of Chromite in the Presence of a Hydrocarbon Gas [pp. 613-622]
M. de Campos, and R.H. Eric

Prereduction of Chromite Agglomerates [pp. 623-630]
C.S. Kucukkaragoz, and R.H. Eric

Carbothermic and Magnesiothermic Reduction of Titanium Dioxide—A Thermodynamic Analysis [pp. 631-646]
D. Ghosh


Thermal Properties of Bulk Glassy Alloys (Keynote) [pp. 649-658]
Y. Waseda, H. Shibata, and H. Ohta

The Calculation of Thermodynamic Properties and Phase Diagrams of Binary Alloys on the Basis of Chrome [pp. 659-664]
M.I. Zinigrad, K.Yu. Shunyaev, and A. Lugovskoy

Technology for Production of Aluminum Alloys [pp. 665-672]
A.V. Tarasov and V.P. Shamshev

Boron Removal in the Solidification Refining of Si with Si-Al Melt (Keynote) [pp. 673-684]
T. Yoshikawa, and K. Morita

Hard Anodizing on High Temperature Aluminum Alloys Part 1 [pp. 685-696]
L.M. Lerner

The Physical and Mathematical Model of Aluminium Refining Process in Reactor URO - 200 [pp. 697-710]
M. Saternus and J. Botor

Using General Regular Solution Model to Obtain Analytic Express of Solution Excess Properties from the Ternary Alloy System [pp. 711-720]
R. Li, G. Xie, and X. Tang


Distribution of Precious Metals (Au, Pt, Pd, Rh and Ru) between Copper Matte and Iron- Silicate Slag at 1573 K [pp. 723-730]
H.M. Henao, K. Yamaguchi, and S. Ueda

Effect of Al2O3 or MgO Addition on Liquidus of FeOX Corner in FeOX-SiO2-CaO Slag at 1250 and 1300 °C [pp. 731-740]
H.M. Henao, H. Ohno, and K. Itagaki

Thermoanalytical Study on the Oxidation of Sulfide Minerals at High Temperatures [pp. 741-754]
M. Pérez-Tello, S.E. Pérez-Fontes, L.O. Prieto-López, F. Brown, and F. Castillón-Barraza

Phase Relations and Activity of Iron Oxide in the FeOX-CaO-SiO2 System at 1300–1400 °C Under Various Partial Pressures of Oxygen [pp. 755-766]
H.M. Henao, and K. Itagaki

Fluid Flow Effects in Electromagnetically Levitated Droplets (Keynote) [pp. 767-778]
R.W. Hyers

Equilibrium Distribution of Selenium and Tellurium between Calcium Ferrite Slag and Alloys [pp. 779-790]
M. Johnston, S. Jahanshahi, and F. Lincoln

Phase Equilibria in Ferrous Calcium Silicate Slags at 1250 °C and an Oxygen Partial Pressure of 10–6atm [pp. 791-804]
S. Nikolic, P.C. Hayes, and E. Jak

Measurement of Physical Properties of FenO-MgO-CaO-SiO2 System [pp. 805-812]
C.-f. Zhang, and X. Dai


FLOGENę Technologies Inc. [p. 815]

Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources [p. 817]

Korea Zinc Co. Ltd. [p. 819]

LS-Nikko Copper [p. 821]

Outokumpu Technology [p. 823]

Posco [p. 825]

Umicore Precious Metals Refining [p. 827]

Xstrata Technology [p. 829]

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