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Professor H.Y. Sohn - Biography [pp. 3-36]
R.G. Reddy

It Is All About Energy [pp. 37-42]
P.R. Atkins

The Precious Art of Metals Recycling [pp. 43-52]
F. Vanbellen, and M. Chintinne

Nonferrous Metal Recycling in Korea: The Present and the Future [pp. 53-56]
K.-I. Rhee

The Role of Processes Modeling in Iron and Steelmaking [pp. 57-68]
P.C. Chaubal

Liquidus Relations of Calcium Ferrite and Ferrous Calcium Silicate Slag in Continuous Copper Converting [pp. 69-88]
F. Kongoli, I. McBow, A. Yazawa, Y. Takeda, K. Yamaguchi, R. Budd, and S. Llubani

Recent Developments in Copper Hydrometallurgy (Abstract Only) [p. 703]
J.O. Marsden


Remembrance of Academic Mentors and Early Associates [pp. 91-96]
H.Y. Sohn


Non-Catalytic Growth of ZnO Nanostructures: Growth Mechanism and Structural and Optical Properties (Keynote) [pp. 97-110]
A. Umar, H.-W. Ra, and Y.-B. Hahn

Liquid Phase Migration during the Sintering of Functionally Graded WC-Co [pp. 111-120]
P. Fan, O.O. Eso, Z.Z. Fang, and H.Y. Sohn

Processing of Al Alloy-AlN Metal Matrix Composites [pp. 121-128]
V.K. Namilakonda, and R.G. Reddy

Silicon Carbide Composite DPF (Abstract Only) [p. 705]
Y. Lu

Effects of SO42–, NO3– and Cl Ions on Crystalline of ZnS and CdS Nanoparticles (Keynote) [pp. 129-134]
Q. Li, D. Bi, Z. Liu, and D. Zhang

Transport Phenomena in Nanomechanical Systems for Molecular Manufacturing (Abstract Only) [p. 707]
D. Forrest

Wear of Cu/WC Composites and Wear Model Application (Invited) [pp. 135-144]
P. Deshpande and R.Y. Lin

Study of Corrosion Resistance of Nano Composite Coating on Sintering Nd-Fe-B Permanent Magnet [pp. 145-154]
W. Xu, B. Chen, and X. Zhu


Synthesis of Compact Nanocrystal Oxides by Severe Plastic Deformations Methods (Keynote) [pp. 157-168]
T.I. Arbuzova, N.M. Chebotaev, B.A. Gizhevskii, A.V. Fetisov, E.A. Kozlov, T.E. Kyrennykh, L.I. Leontiev, S.V. Naumov, A.M. Patselov, V.P. Pilugin, Yu.P. Sukhorukov, V.B. Vykhodets, R.G. Zakharov, and M.I. Zinigrad

Synthesis of Ultrafine Particles of Aluminum Nitride by Evaporation of Aluminum in Argon + Ammonia Gas Mixture [pp. 169-176]
S. Yokoyama, S. Kokubo, and M. Kawakami

Synthesis of W, WC & WC-Co Nanopowders by Chemical Vapor Condensation Process [pp. 177-182]
J.-C. Kim, and B.-K. Kim

CFD Simulation of Flame Spray Process for Silica Nanopowder Synthesis from Tetraethylorthosilicate (TEOS) [pp. 183-194]
B. Wan, Y. Ji, H.Y. Sohn, H.D. Jang, and T.A. Ring

Chemical Vapor Synthesis of WC-Co Nanocomposite Powders [pp. 195-202]
M. Mena, T. Ryu, H.Y. Sohn, G. Han, Y.-U. Kim, and Z.Z. Fang

Enhanced Properties of High Capacity Nanostructured Metal Hydrides (Abstract Only) [p. 709]
B. Butler, J. Lu, Z. Fang, and H.Y. Sohn

Hydrothermal Synthesis and Surface Modification of BaTiO3 Ultrafine Particles [pp. 203-210]
J. Guo, Q. Li, and Z. Liu

Vaporization Behavior of Group VIA to VIIIA Crystalline Carbonyls [pp. 211-220]
D. Chandra, K.H. Lau, W.-M. Chien, and R. Chellappa

Particle Size Dependence of Nano-Magnetite in Arsenic Removal (Invited) [pp. 221-228]
C.T. Yavuz, J.T. Mayo, S. Yean, L. Cong, W. Yu, J. Falkner, A. Kan, M. Tomson, and V.L. Colvin

Synthesis of Ultra-Fine LiFePO4/C and Its Electrochemical Performance [pp. 229-238]
L.-s. Hong, Y.-j. Li, and X.-m. Xi


Technological, Environmental and Commercial Drivers for the Use of Geopolymers in a Sustainable Materials Industry (Keynote) [pp. 241-252]
J.S.J. van Deventer, J.L. Provis, P. Duxson, and G.C. Lukey

Comparison of Oxidation Behavior of Nitride Based Hard Ceramic Thin Film Coatings Using Thermal Analysis Techniques (Keynote) [pp. 253-262]
N. Solak, F. Üstel, S. Aydin, M. Ürgen, and A.F. Cakir

New Eco-Process for the Preparation of Metal Oxide Varistors (Abstract Only) [p. 711]
R. Metz, J. Morel, R. Puyane, and M. Hassanzadeh

Ceramics in the BaO-Al2O3-SiO2 System Working in Extreme Conditions [pp. 263-268]
Z. Kovziridze, J. Aneli, G. Tabatadze, N. Nijaradze, D. Gvencadze, and G. Grathwohl

Combustion Synthesis of Silicon-Based Structural Ceramics from Natural Sand [pp. 269-278]
M. Radwan, K.A. El-Barawy, S.Z. El-Tawil, S. Shimada, and Y. Miyamoto

Study of the Grinding Process of Titanium Carbide Produced with Self-Propagating High Temperature Synthesis [pp. 279-284]
Z. Kovziridze, G. Tabatadze, G. Donadze, and D. Gventsadze

Effect of the TiC Addition on the Corrosion Resistance of Al2O3-C Refractory [pp. 285-292]
Q. Liu, J. Yang, Q. Liu, Y. Liu, and Y. Du

Use of Refractory Carbides in Technique [pp. 293-298]
Z. Kovziridze, G. Tabatadze, and N. Nijaradze

Creation of the Conducting Polymer Composites Based on Silicon with Relay Effect [pp. 299-306]
J.N. Aneli, M.M. Bolotashvili, and M.S. Kutsia

Synergetic Effect in Conductivity of the Polymer Composites Based on Phenolformaldehide Resin [pp. 307-310]
J. Aneli, Z. Kovziridze, D. Gventsadze, and N. Japaridze

Preparation of Porous Ceramic Pellets by Multiphase Double Emulsion Method [pp. 311-320]
L. Chai, X. Zhang, B. Peng, M. Cheng, and Y. Huang


Computational Modelling of Heap Leach Processes (Keynote) [pp. 323-338]
M. Cross, C.R. Bennett, D. McBride, D.A. Taylor, and J.E. Gebhardt

Acidic Leaching of Turkish Lateritic Nickel Ore [pp. 339-346]
F. Arslan, K.T. Perek, and G. Önal

Gold Extraction from a Low Grade Ore Using the System of Metal-Ammonium-Chloride-Ammonia [pp. 347-354]
S.-h. Ju, M.-t. Tang, S.-h. Yang, and Y. Luo

The Leaching Kinetics of Phase-Transformed Chalcopyrite with Sulfate Roasting [pp. 355-364]
N. Song, W.-l. Chen, J.-h. Du, and B. Yang

Adaptability and Kinetics of Gold Leaching from Different Ores in Alkaline Thiourea Solution with High Stability [pp. 365-376]
Y.-y. Wang and L.-y. Chai

Leaching of Metal Nickel in Copper Sulfate Solutions in the Presence of Oxygen and Chloride-Ion [pp. 377-386]
M.I. Kalashnikova, L.V. Volkov, J.M. Shneerson, and E.G. Saltykova

Evaluation of Lead-Zinc Flotation Tailings [pp. 387-396]
F. Arslan, Y. Aykaç, K.T. Perek, and G. Önal

Flotation of Colloidal Lead Carbonate Using Series of Spargered Flotation Cells [pp. 397-408]
F.J. Tavera, and R. Escudero

Modeling Studies of Semi-Commercial Flotation Column for Beneficiation of Sillimanite Using Artificial Neural Network [pp. 409-416]
V.K. Kalyani, Pallavika, V.J. Loveson, and A. Sinha


Chemical Modeling of Calcium Sulphate Solubility in Hydrometallurgical Process Solutions [pp. 419-426]
G. Azimi, J.F. Adams, M. Jones, H. Liu, and V.G. Papangelakis

Hydrometallurgical Processing of Zinc Sulfide Raw Materials [pp. 427-430]
A.V. Tarasov, E.M. Timoshenko, and P.E. Romanov

Interfacial Emulsion Formation Originated from Organic Phase in Copper Solvent Extraction [pp. 431-438]
X. Liu, G. Qiu, and Y. Hu

Preparation of Gold Catalysts from Gold Dissolved in Aqua Regia [pp. 439-450]
E.D. Park, E.-Y. Ko, K.W. Seo, M. Kang, and J.E. Yie

Purification of Phosphoric Acid by a Mixture of Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Extractants [pp. 451-466]
L.A. Guirguis, H.K. Fouad, and F.A. Salem

Study on Phase Equilibrium and Physicochemical Properties of Me2+-Nh4+-SO42-H2O System at 298K (Abstract Only) [p. 713]
C.-h. Peng, S.-g. Mu, D.-w. He, S.-h. Ju, and Y.-f. Chen

Anodizing of AZ31 Magnesium Alloy in NaOH Solution [pp. 467-476]
L.-y. Chai, X. Yu, and O. Masazumi

Effects of Additives on Anodizing of Magnesium Alloy AZ31 in Alkaline Solutions [pp. 477-486]
L.-y. Chai, X. Yu, and O. Masazumi

Complex Treatment of the Tetrahedrite-Siderite Mineral Deposit in Silver, Mária Bana, Slovakia [pp. 487-496]
F. Sekula, F. Molnár, J. Schmiedl, and Zs. Szentirmai

Raman Spectral Pattern and Chemical Components of Saturated Solution of Ammonium Octamolybdate Hydrate [pp. 497-506]
D. Cao, W. Chen, H. Liu, and B. Jiang

Study on the Standard Pattern of Raman Spectrum of Heptamolybdate Ion in Aqueous Solution [pp. 507-516]
D. Cao, W. Chen, H. Liu, and B. Jiang

Investigation on Chemical Components in Saturated Aqueous Solution of Ammonium Dimolybdate by Comparative Raman Spectroscopy [pp. 517-524]
D. Cao, W. Chen, B. Jiang, and H. Liu


Electrochemical Removal of Sn(IV) Ion from Aqueous Hydrochloric Solution Containing In(III) (Keynote) [pp. 527-534]
K. Koyama, M. Tanaka, S. Fujiwara, and K. Saegusa

Thermodynamic Analysis on the Dissolution Equilibria of MgCoO3(S) in the System of Mg(II)-NH3-CO32–-SO42&nda sh;-H2O [pp. 535-540]
C. Tang, B. Zhang, M. Tang, and S. Yang

Active Carbons and Their Reactivation in Non-Ferrous and Noble Hydrometallurgy [pp. 541-546]
V.M. Mukhin

Decomposition and Characterization of Xanthate [pp. 547-554]
B. Ramírez, R. Escudero, F.J. Tavera, and G. Ruiz

Garden Dirt, Palm Trees and Ammonia—Making Nickel in the Jungles of Cuba (Nicaro: The First 20 Years) (Invited) (Abstract Only) [p. 715]
L. Southwick

Non-Traditional Methods of Heavy Metals Precipitation from Solution in the Form of Sulfide [pp. 555-560]
M.I. Kalashnikova, J.M. Shneerson, M.V. Keskinova, and V.V. Chetvertakov

Effects of Ore Mineralogy on the Bioleaching of a Nigerian Complex Sulphide Ore with Mixed Cultures of Mesophilic Bacteria [pp. 561-572]
@P.A. Olubambi, S. Ndlovu, and J.O. Borode@

Hydrometallurgical Treatment of Substandard Pb-Zn Concentrates with Production of Zinc, Lead and Silver [pp. 573-578]
M.I. Kalashnikova, Y.M. Shneerson, A.Y. Lapin, P.M. Saltykov, and M.V. Keskinova

Adhesion Dispersion of Apolaric Reagents in Flotation of Hydrophobic Minerals [pp. 579-584]
V. Bredykhin, O. Shevelyev, A. Samojlov, E. Kazban, V. Kostjuk, and V. Kushnerov


Electrochemical Production of Materials Using Molten Salts (Keynote) [pp. 587-596]
D. Fray

Direct Reduction of Vanadium Oxide in Molten CaCl2 (Invited) [pp. 597-608]
R.O. Suzuki and H. Ishikawa

Electrokinetics of Lead Carbonate, Silica and Alumina and Their Applications on Treating Water Polluted with Lead (Abstract Only) [p. 717]
F.J. Tavera, and R. Escudero

Self-Tuning Chemical Sensors for Molten Metals [pp. 609-622]
R.V. Kumar, and D.J. Fray

Phase Field Modeling of Phase Boundary Shape and Topology Changes Due to Electrochemical Reactions in Solid and Liquid Systems (Keynote) [pp. 623-640]
A.C. Powell, IV, W. Pongsaksawad, and U.B. Pal

Anodic Dissolution Behavior of Titanium in Room Temperature Molten Salt (TMHA-Tf2N) [pp. 641-650]
H. Nakagawa, T. Uda, K. Murase, T. Hirato, and Y. Awakura

Evaluation of Carbon Materials Produced from Coconut Shell as Anodes for Lithium-Ion Batteries [pp. 651-664]
M.A. Aziz and M. Alauddin

Electrochemical Synthesis and Characterization of Tantalum Ethoxide [pp. 665-672]
S.-h. Yang, Y.-f. Chen, J.-g. Yang, S.-h. Ju, M.-t. Tang, and G.-z. Qiu

Prospects for the Use of Symmetric Alternating Current for Hydroelectrochemical Treatment of Various Metallic and Metal-Containing Materials with Selective Extraction of Valuable Components [pp. 673-682]
V.A. Bryukvin, A.M. Levin, A.A. Palant, and V.M. Paretsky


FLOGEN® Technologies Inc. [p. 685]

Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources [p. 687]

Korea Zinc Co. Ltd. [p. 689]

LS-Nikko Copper [p. 691]

Outokumpu Technology [p. 693]

Posco [p. 695]

Umicore Precious Metals Refining [p. 697]

Xstrata Technology [p. 699]

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