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Professor H.Y. Sohn - Biography [pp. 3-36]
R.G. Reddy

It Is All About Energy [pp. 37-42]
P.R. Atkins

The Precious Art of Metals Recycling [pp. 43-52]
F. Vanbellen, and M. Chintinne

Nonferrous Metal Recycling in Korea: The Present and the Future [pp. 53-56]
K.-I. Rhee

The Role of Processes Modeling in Iron and Steelmaking [pp. 57-68]
P.C. Chaubal

Liquidus Relations of Calcium Ferrite and Ferrous Calcium Silicate Slag in Continuous Copper Converting [pp. 69-88]
F. Kongoli, I. McBow, A. Yazawa, Y. Takeda, K. Yamaguchi, R. Budd, and S. Llubani

Recent Developments in Copper Hydrometallurgy (Abstract Only) [p. 643]
J.O. Marsden


Remembrance of Academic Mentors and Early Associates [pp. 91-96]
H.Y. Sohn


Pressure Leaching of Sulfidized Chalcopyrite in Sulfuric Acid-Oxygen Media (Keynote) [pp. 97-108]
R. Padilla, D. Vega, and M.C. Ruiz

Determination of Acid Resistance of Copper Ore Agglomerates in Heap Leaching (Invited) [pp. 109-124]
K.A. Lewandowski, J.A. Gurtler, T.C. Eisele, and S.K. Kawatra

Novel Technology for Microbial Treatment of Chromium-Containing Slag [pp. 125-134]
L. Chai, and Y. Wang

Hydrometallurgical Approaches for Selecting the Effective Recycle Process of Spent Lithium Ion Battery [pp. 135-144]
J.-S. Sohn, S.-M. Shin, D.-H. Yang, S.-K. Kim, and C.-K. Lee

Pressure Leaching of White Metal as an Alternative to Conversion (Keynote) [pp. 145-156]
M.C. Ruiz, E. Abarz∑a, and R. Padilla

Bacteria Leaching Process of the Low-Grade Sulfide Copper Ore [pp. 157-164]
G. Xie, J. Yan, H. Zhang, R. Li, and D. Yang

Mechanical Activation of Monazite Processing by Simultaneous Ball-Milling and Leaching [pp. 165-174]
A.M. Abdel-Rehim

Process for Selenium Recovery from Copper Anode Slime by Alkali Pressure Leaching [pp. 175-184]
S. Saptharishi, D. Mohanty, and B.P. Kamath


On-Line Free Acidity Measurement in Hydrometallurgical Process Solutions Up to 250 °C: A New Industrial Sensor (Invited) [pp. 187-196]
M. Huang, and V.G. Papangelakis

Extraction and Recovery of Indium and Germanium from Primary and Secondary Hydrometallurgical Streams Using Molecular Recognition Technology [pp. 197-214]
N.E. Izatt, J.B. Dale, S.R. Izatt, and R.L. Bruening

Highly Efficient Method of Manufacturing Zinc Bromide [pp. 215-228]
W. Dunaway

New Process for Extracting Cadmium by the System of Ammoniacal-Ammonium Sulfate [pp. 229-246]
W. Liu, J. He, and M.-t. Tang

Optimization of the Critical Steps of the Altair Hydrochloride Pigment Process [pp. 247-258]
D. Verhulst, B. Sabacky, R. Marganski, B. Wang, and D. Ellsworth

Precipitation of Hematite from Ferrous Sulfate Solutions: Effects of Variables on the Quality of the Precipitates [pp. 259-270]
M.C. Ruiz, J. Zapata, and R. Padilla

Precursor Synthesis of Porous Fibrous Cobalt Powder by Coordination Precipitation Process [pp. 271-278]
C.-f. Zhang, C.-y. Dong, J. Zhan, and J.-h. Wu

The Separation of Precious Metals from Base Metals in Gold-Antimony Alloys by Selective Chlorination Leaching Under Controlling Potential [pp. 279-292]
T.-z. Yang, W.-f. Liu, and M.-x. Jiang

Isolation of Mineral Specific Extracellular Protein from Paenibacillus Polymyxa and Its Application in Complex Sulphide Mineral Processing (Abstract Only) [p. 645]
P. Patra


Preparation of High Functional Aragonite Precipitated Calcium Carbonate [pp. 295-304]
J.-H. Kim, S.-J. Ko, W.-K. Park, S.-H. Cheong, and J.-W. Ahn

Preparation and Characterization of Ultrafine Magnetite Powder [pp. 305-310]
X.Y. Yang and Z.Q. Gong

Preparation and Structural Characteristic of Cobalt-Modified Magnetite [pp. 311-320]
X. Yang and Z. Gong

Preparation of Mn-Zn Compounds Oxide Powder for Soft Magnetic from Manganese Carbonate Ore and Zinc Oxide Dust [pp. 321-330]
C. Tang, Y. He, M. Tang, and B. Huang

Separation of PET from PVC by Column Flotation (Invited) [pp. 331-340]
E. Agante, I. Rodrigues, and T. Carvalho

Synthesis of L(+)-Calcium Lactate Using Precipitated Calcium Carbonate in Lactic Acid Fermentation [pp. 341-352]
S.-H. Cheong, J.-H. Kim, J.-W. Ahn, and C. Han

Preparation of Monodisperse Rhombohedron-Type Nickel Oxalate Particles from a Highly Condensed Ni(OH)2 Suspension [pp. 353-362]
Z. Liu, Q. Li, K. Ai, D. Zhang, T. Okamoto, and M. Okido

Preparation of Spherical Ultrafine Cobalt Powder by Polyol Reducing [pp. 363-368]
S.-h. Yang, Y.-m. Chen, S.-h. Ju, Z.-q. Pan, and M.-t. Tang

Separation of Pyrite Minerals from Magnetite Slimes by Hydrophobic Flocculation (Abstract Only) [p. 647]
B. Rezai


A New Technology for the Control of Lead Nitrate Addition in Cyanidation (Invited) [pp. 371-386]
G. DeschOnes, M. Fulton, and C. Smith

High-Efficiency Reactors for Obtaining Metal Powders [pp. 387-396]
T. Lezhava, and J. Ghlonti

Elimination of Zinc Ferrite for Hydrometallurgical Recovery of Zinc from EAF Dust [pp. 397-412]
G. Ye, E. Burstrom, M. Maccagni, L. Bianco, and H. Stripple

Recovery of Ga, Ge from Zinc Residues by Hydrometallurgical Processes [pp. 413-420]
H. Wang, J. Lin, K. Jiang, and D. Qiu

Recovery of the Chromium (III, VI) from Aqueous Solutions Using Ion Exchange System [pp. 421-424]
J.C. Riani, V.A. Leão, and J.S. Ten=rio

Study on Several Important Hydrometallurgical Methods of Fe Removal from Zn, Mn, Cu, Ni, Co etc. [pp. 425-430]
W. Zhang, and G. Mei

Study on Extracting Indium from Indium-Zinc Concentrates [pp. 431-442]
M.-t. Tang, S.-q. Li, J. He, S.-h. Yang, C.-b. Tang, and S.-h. Ju

Sulfur Dioxide in Hydrometallurgical Technologies for Integrated Processing of Polymetallic Concentrates [pp. 443-448]
A.V. Tarasov, and E.M. Timoshenko


Corrosion Behavior of Lead-Alloy Anodes in Metal Winning (Keynote) [pp. 451-462]
M. Stelter, H. Bombach, and P. Saltykov

Electrochemical Studies of the Intermetallic Inert Anodes in Molten Salts [pp. 463-468]
X. Yang, and A. Jha

Ionic Liquid Electro-Deposition of Reactive Metals (Keynote) [pp. 469-478]
J. Vaughan, J. Tu, and D. Dreisinger

Electrochemical Modeling of Electrowinning Performance (Keynote) [pp. 479-492]
M.L. Free, R. Bhide, A. Rodchanarowan, and N. Phadke

Atmospheric-Pressure Plasma Process and Applications (Invited) [pp. 493-506]
P. Kong

The Effect of Anode Composition on Passivation of Commercial Copper Electrorefining Anodes (Invited) [pp. 507-518]
M.S. Moats, and J.B. Hiskey

Conductivity Measurement of Scandium Doped Barium Zirconate for Fuel Cell Application [pp. 519-532]
S. Imashuku, T. Uda, and Y. Awakura

Development of Zinc Production at the Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant [pp. 533-544]
L.A. Kazanbayev, and P.A. Kozlov


Geothermal Mineral Recovery (Keynote) [pp. 547-552]
J.M. Canty, and L. Mink

Economic Benefits of Mineral Extraction from Geothermal Brines (Invited) [pp. 553-558]
R.G. Bloomquist

Co-Production of Silica and Other Commodities from Geothermal Fluids (Invited) [pp. 559-570]
W. Bourcier, C. Bruton, E. Burton, B. Ralph, M. Johnson, and G. Nix

Use of Ceramics for Geothermal and Mining Applications (Invited) [pp. 571-578]
A.C. Mulligan, and M.C.L. Patterson

Geothermal Brines—High Value Mineral Extraction (Invited) [pp. 579-588]
M.C.L. Patterson

Research on the Use of Waste Silica from the Cerro Prieto Geothermal Field, Mexico (Invited) [pp. 589-602]
J.W. Lund, and T.L. Boyd

Radar Geosteering in Geothermal Reservoirs or Development of Radar- Controlled Directional Drilling Bottom Assembly for Geothermal Reservoirs (Invited) [pp. 603-604]
L.G. Stolarczyk

Investigation of the Effects of Interstitial Filling Ratios on the Dry Grinding Kinetics of K-Feldspar [pp. 605-612]
H. Ipek

Preliminary Characterization, Liberation, and Dressing of Zircon from Michoacan Beach Sands [pp. 613-648]
R. Escudero, and F.J. Tavera

Characterization of Ilm nite Ore Samples from Dankoli in North Western Nigeria (Abstract Only) [p. 649]
A. Adetunji

The Fabrication of Artificial Marble from Dolomite (Batu Reput) [pp. 617-622]
K. Hussin, J. Shamsul, C.M. Ruzaidi, M.I. Sobri, M.S. Nazry, M.B. Zaman, and K. Nizar


FLOGENę Technologies Inc. [p. 625]

Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources [p. 627]

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LS-Nikko Copper [p. 631]

Outokumpu Technology [p. 633]

Posco [p. 635]

Umicore Precious Metals Refining [p. 637]

Xstrata Technology [p. 639]

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