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Professor H.Y. Sohn - Biography [pp. 3-36]
R.G. Reddy

It Is All About Energy [pp. 37-42]
P.R. Atkins

The Precious Art of Metals Recycling [pp. 43-52]
F. Vanbellen, and M. Chintinne

Nonferrous Metal Recycling in Korea: The Present and the Future [pp. 53-56]
K.-I. Rhee

The Role of Processes Modeling in Iron and Steelmaking [pp. 57-68]
P.C. Chaubal

Liquidus Relations of Calcium Ferrite and Ferrous Calcium Silicate Slag in Continuous Copper Converting [pp. 69-88]
F. Kongoli, I. McBow, A. Yazawa, Y. Takeda, K. Yamaguchi, R. Budd, and S. Llubani

Recent Developments in Copper Hydrometallurgy (Abstract Only) [p. 479]
J.O. Marsden


Remembrance of Academic Mentors and Early Associates [pp. 91-96]
H.Y. Sohn


Influence of New Technologies and Globalization on Company Mergers, Acquisitions, Joint Ventures, Antitrust and Competition Laws and Tribunal Decisions (Keynote) [pp. 97-114]
M. Dibra

Mining the Value from Your Intellectual Property Portfolio: The Strategic Role of Intellectual Property in Your Operations [pp. 115-124]
J.A. Paul

Patent Protection Strategies [pp. 125-132]
M.W. Sajewycz

The Arbitration Process in the United States [pp. 133-140]
T. Frost

Transborder Legal Issues Concerning Intellectual Property Procurement, Protection and Enforcement [pp. 141-146]
D.M. Beckwith, and J.A. Hankins

Patent Litigation in the United States—An Overview [pp. 147-158]
J.D. Kinton, and T. Miller


Norddeutsche Affinerie AG: Europe's Leading Copper Producer (Keynote) (Abstract Only) [p. 481]
P. Willbrandt

Quantitative and Qualitative Metrics - The Keys to Sustainability (Invited) [pp. 161-174]
D.A. Army, and G. Army

The Optimax™ Program—The Optimal Relationship for Owner/Clients to Procure Industrial Services [pp. 175-186]
N. Smith, and L. Taylor

Development Plan for the Codelco-Chile's Smelter and Refinery Business (Keynote) [pp. 187-192]
P. Morales, R. Mackay, and H. Recaval

Short Term Forecast of Metal Prices: Commercial Application for Operation on Forwards and Optimization the Hedging (Abstract Only) [p. 483]
B. Arlyuk

Systematic Approach to Rod Mill Technology Upgrade Decisions at Gerdau Ameristeel Beaumont (Keynote) [pp. 193-208]
B. Yalamanchili

An Alternative Management Approach to Completing Furnace Rebuild Projects [pp. 209-224]
M. Santaluce, N. Smith, and S. McKinty

Innovations in Hydrometallurgical Performance Management: Heap Leaching Solvent Extraction and Electrowinning Plants (Keynote) [pp. 225-240]
O.A. Bascur, R. Linares, and L. Yacher

Education and Research in the COE on Nature-Guided Materials Processing (Invited) [pp. 241-252]
K.-i. Miyazawa and S. Asai

Macromanagement of Metallurgical Industries - A Case Study (Invited) [pp. 253-264]
N. Lohja, Z. Lleshi, O. Gliozheni, E.Z. O’Brien, R. Budd, and F. Kongoli


Environmental Improvements at the Onsan Smelter (Keynote) [pp. 267-276]
K.S. Jeong, H.G. Kim, and S.H. Shin

Environmental Issues in Drying Copper and Nickel Concentrates [pp. 277-286]
S. Chen, H. Mansikkaviita, M. Hamamoto, T. Sunamoto, P. Setälä, M. Huang, Q. Yu, H. Kurokawa, D. Kirilov, J. Zhou, Z. Ge, and R.P. Kuhn

Solution of Environmental Safety Issues at a Zinc Plant [pp. 287-294]
V.V. Geikhman, P.A. Kozlov, L.A. Kazanbayev, and V.A. Lukyanchikov

Environmental Problems of Metallurgical Plants in Polar Regions and Ways for Their Solution (Norilsk Region as an Example) [pp. 295-300]
A.V. Tarasov, L.I. Leontyev, and Zh.I. Rozenberg

Recycling of EAF Dust by Using Top Submerged Lance Technology (Keynote) [pp. 301-314]
Y.H. Lee, N.I. Moon, B.M. Kim, and C.Y. Choi

Technical and Environmental Considerations of the Injection of Tire into Blast Furnace Tuyeres [pp. 315-320]
G. de Araújo Filho, G.F. Salierno, and P.S. Assis

The Formation of Cr(VI)-Containing Stainless Steel Plant Dust and the Stabilisation Thereof [pp. 320-334]
G. Ma, and A. Garbers-Craig

Environmental Impact of a Metallurgical Complex in Soil Contamination—A Case Study (Invited) [pp. 335-344]
A. Cullaj, B. Hoxha, I. McBow, R. Budd, and F. Kongoli

Effective Bacterial Reduction of Hexavalent Chromium Under Alkaline Conditions [pp. 345-356]
W. Zhu, L. Chai, and Y. Wang


Waste Management and Impurities Control at Atlantic Copper Smelter & Refinery (Keynote) [pp. 359-372]
G. Ríos, E. Delgado, R. Ramírez, and A. Martín

Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage Containing Iron Ions and Arsenic for Utilization of the Sludge [pp. 373-382]
H. Nakazawa

Evaluation of Environmental Burden and Economic Impact with "Landfill Mining Activity" Based on the Waste Input-Output Model (Keynote) [pp. 383-394]
K. Yokoyama, T. Onda, S. Kashiwakura, and T. Nagasaka

Power Plant Fly Ash—A Review of Beneficiation and Utilization [pp. 395-406]
H. Kurama

Arsenic Management in the Metallurgical Industry: The Chilean Experience (Keynote) [pp. 407-422]
A. Valenzuela, E. Balladares, D. Cordero, and M. Sánchez

Solid Residues of the Metallurgical Industry and Possibilities of Their Utilisation (Invited) [pp. 423-430]
N. Lohja, Z. Lleshi, O. Gliozheni, P. Gega, I. McBow, R. Budd, and F. Kongoli

On the Implementation of Municipal Solid Waste (Rubbish) Sorted Collection in China Cities [pp. 431-438]
D.-w. He, W.-y. Jiang, R. Huang, L.-y. Chai, and L.-h. Huang

Research on Combustion Temperature and Decontamination of Asphalt Smoke [pp. 439-450]
R. Huang, L. Chai, B. Peng, and Y. Wang

Study of BOD of Dairy Effluent Using Various Microbes [pp. 451-458]
K.R. Kanth, and V.M. Rao


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Outokumpu Technology [p. 469]

Posco [p. 471]

Umicore Precious Metals Refining [p. 473]

Xstrata Technology [p. 475]

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