Metallurgical and Materials Processing Principles and Technologies (Yazawa International Symposium)--Vol. 3: Aqueous and Electrochemical Processing
Edited by: Florian Kongoli, Kimio Itagaki, Chikabumi Yamauchi  and Hong Yong Sohn


Biography of Professor Yazawa [pp. v-viii]
Foreword [pp. ix-x]
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This international symposium is organized to honor the very distinguished work and lifetime achievements of Prof. Akira Yazawa in Metallurgical and Materials Processing. Prof. Yazawa is renowned for his impact in extractive metallurgy of copper as well as in that of Zn, Pb, Ni, Sn, Sb, Au, Hg and Cd. His over 300 publications have dealt with a variety of subjects such as slag, alloys, matte, speiss, aqueous solutions, alcohols, algae etc. This symposium reflects this rich and colorful activity and cover simultaneously the physicochemical fundamentals of metallurgical and materials processing, their industrial applications as well as the development of new and improved technologies in non-ferrous, ferrous, aqueous, electrochemical materials processing and in materials-related environmental sciences. 

The symposium drew an overwhelming response from the international professional community. The 262 abstracts received from all over the world made this symposium the biggest ever held in its class. Papers were sent by nearly 520 authors representing the following 37 countries in all continents: Asia (Japan, China, Korea, Kazakhstan, Israel, Singapore, Thailand, India); America (USA, Canada, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Peru); Europe (Russia, Finland, The Netherlands, Austria, England, Turkey, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Norway, Albania, Romania, Slovenia, Yugoslavia); Australia and Africa (South Africa, Egypt). (The order is according to the number of the papers and/or authors for each continent and country). Two thirds of the papers are from Japan, USA, Canada, Chile and China. This record number of papers left us, the organizing committee, no option but to prepare three separate volumes: Volume 1: Materials Processing Fundamentals and New Technologies; Volume 2: High Temperature Metal Production and Volume 3: Aqueous and Electrochemical Processing. However it should be noted that there is not a clear-cut classification. Some papers related to the technological advances, modeling or fundamentals are included in the second and the third volume since they are closely related to respective subjects. We believe that these volumes will be a useful contribution to the professional community worldwide.

The symposium was cosponsored by a record number of 28 Professional Societies and Independent Publishers all over the world as well as 10 Corporate Cosponsors

We would like to express our appreciation to all TMS staff for their support and dedication. 

One of the co-chairs and editors, Florian Kongoli, would like to thank his wife Megan Dibra for graciously supporting him at a time when she was herself extremely busy practicing as a lawyer for a judge of the Quebec Court of Appeal. He also want to thank his three-year old son, Davis, for forgiving him for the time that daddy was not staying with him as usual and his grand mother Madam Dibra for the help given during the extra hours of work dedicated to this symposium and proceedings.



Preparation Of Monodisperse CdS Nanoparticles By Hydrochemical Method And Their Surface Modification (Invited) [pp. 3-15]
Z. Duomo and L. Qihou

Dispersion Characteristics From Two Types Of Bubble Generators Commonly Used In Flotation Columns [pp. 17-30]
R. Escudero G. and F. J. Tavera

Formation Behavior And Corrosion Characteristics Of Anodic Films On Mg-Al Alloys In NaOH Solutions [pp. 31-37]
S.-J. Kim, R. Ichino and M. Okido

Electrochemical Couple Behavior Of Manganese Dioxide With Ferrous/Ferric Ions In Acidic Chloride Medium [pp. 39-49]
G. Xueyi, L. Qihou, H. Kai, Z. Duomo and Q. Dingfan

Electrodeposition Of Thin-Layered CdTe Semiconductor From Basic Aqueous Solutions (Invited) [pp. 51-64]
K. Murase, T. Hirato and Y. Awakura

Cation Exchange Properties Of Zeolites Obtained From Coal Fly Ash By Alkali Hydrothermal Treatment [pp. 65-76]
N. Murayama, H. Yamamoto and J. Shibata

The Morphology And Size Control Of Cobalt Particles Produced From Concentrated Aqueous Solution [pp. 77-86]
C. Song, H. Kai, L. Zhihong and A. Kan


Environmentally Friendly Route To Copper Production: Sulfidation And Leaching Of Chalcopyrite Concentrates (Keynote) [pp. 89-103]
R. Padilla

Constitution Of Electrical Conductivity Of Copper Sulfate Electrolytes Acidified With Sulfuric Acid For Copper Electro- Refining And -Winning Processes [pp. 105-115]
K. Tozawa, Y. Umetsu, Q.-q. Su and Z.-q. Li

Separation Of Copper And Arsenic From Acidic Electrolytes By Electrodialysis [pp. 117-125]
J.P. Ibáñez, C. Gutiérrez and L. Cifuentes

Surface Tension Of Acidic Copper Sulfate Solution Simulating Electrolytic Solution For Copper Electrolysis With/Without Addition Of Gelatin (Invited) [pp. 127-137]
K. Tozawa, Q.-q. Su and Y. Umetsu

The Mechanism Of Sphalerite Dissolution In Ferric Sulphate-Sulphuric Acid Media (Invited) [pp. 139-162]
J.E. Dutrizac, A.R. Pratt and T.T. Chen

Technological Flowsheet Of Treatement Of Sulfide Copper Concentrates As By-Products Of Non-Ferrous Metals Production [pp. 163-171]
J.M. Shneerson, A.Yu. Lapin, T.Yu. Kositskaia, K.A. Muravin and L.V. Chugaev

Thermodynamic Analysis On The Chloridization Reaction In Dust Recycling Processes [pp. 173-184]
S. Yamaguchi, K. Iwasawa, N. Wang and M. Maeda


OS Process - Thermochemical Approach To Reduce Titanium Oxide In The Molten CaCl2 (Invited) [pp. 187-199]
R.O. Suzuki and K. Ono

Preparation Of Uniform Fine Nickel Oxalate Particles By The Chelating Precipitation [pp. 201-209]
H. Kai, C. Huiguang and A. Kan

Anion-Exchange Separations In HCl Media For The Ultra-High Purification Of Cobalt [pp. 211-225]
T. Kekesi, M. Uchikoshi, K. Mimura and M. Isshiki

Morphological Characteristics Of Nickel Particles Electrodeposited From Chloride Dominant Solution [pp. 227-233]
G. Xueyi, H. Kai, L. Qihou, Z. Chuanfu and M. Okido

Detailed Mathematical Modeling Of Liquid Metal Streamer Formation And Breakup (Invited) [pp. 235-250]
A. Powell and D. Dussault

Purification Of Laterite Leach Solutions By Direct Solvent Extraction (Invited) [pp. 251-265]
C.Y. Cheng and M. Urbani

Non-Toxic Method Of Nickel/Cobalt/Copper Sulfides Precipitation As Rich Concentrates From Diluted Sulfate Solutions [pp. 267-275]
M.I. Kalashnikova, J.M. Shneerson, M.V. Keskinova and V.V. Chetvertakov

The Polymorph Transformations Of Antimony White In Hydro-Process [pp. 277-282]
X. Songwen, Y. Xiaohui, X. Xiao and H. Jifen


Extraction And Separation Of Metals From Sulfide By Slurry Electrowinning Process (SEP) (Invited) [pp. 285-291]
Q. Dingfan and W. Jikun

Gold Leaching By Using Ammonium Thiosulfate Solution And Gold Recovery By Solvent Extraction And Cementation [pp. 293-305]
T. Fujita, L. Kejun, A. Shibayama, H. Arima and W.-T. Yen

Corrosion Behaviors Of Pb-Ag-Ca Anodes For Zinc Electrowinning In Sulfuric-Acid Electrolyte [pp. 307-313]
Y. Takasaki, H. Watanabe and K. Koike

De-Oiling Of Industrial Water Effluents Using Column Flotation [pp. 315-326]
F.J. Tavera and R. Escudero

Mechanism Of Electrolysis Of Rare Earth Chlorides In Molten Alkali Chloride Baths (Invited) [pp. 327-336]
T. Yamamura, Z. Zong-Yu, I.C. Wu, H. Zhu, M. Mehmood, H. Maekawa, M. Hoshi and Y. Sato

Ecologically Safe Technology For Extraction Of Nonferrous Metals From Sulfide Raw Materials By Means Of Bacterial Leaching [pp. 337-347]
O. Slavkina, N. Fomchenko and V. Biryukov


Zirconia-Based Inert Anodes For Green Synthesis Of Metals And Alloys (Invited) [pp. 351-364]
C.P. Manning, A. Krishnan and U.B. Pal

Hydrometallurgical Process For Recycling Of Spent Nickel-Metal Hydride Secondary Battery (Invited) [pp. 365-372]
T. Kuzuya, T. Naito, H. Sano and T. Fujisawa

Rare Earth Separation And Recycling Process Using Rare Earth Chloride [pp. 373-385]
T. Uda and M. Hirasawa

A Novel Application Of Electrorefining In A Membrane Cell To Reclaim Zinc From The Bottom Dross Of Hot Dip Galvanization [pp. 387-395]
L. Becze and T. I. Török

Fundamental And Applied Research On Tin Electrorefining Employing Stainless Steel Cathodes (Invited) [pp. 397-407]
P. von Krüger and E.L. de Souza

Separation Of Elements In Stainless Steel By Electrorefining Process [pp. 409-415]
T. Takenaka, M. Kawakami and M. Kawaguchi

Preparation Of Fibrious Nickel Oxide Particles By The Method Of Chemical Precipitation And Pyrolysis [pp. 417-428]
Z. Chuanfu, Z. Jing, G. Xueyi and M. Okido


Dowa Mining Co., Ltd. (Japan) [p. 431]

Flogen Technologies Inc.(Canada) [p. 432]

Furukawa Co., Ltd.(Japan) [p. 433]

Korea Zinc Co. Ltd.(South Korea) [p. 434]

Mitsubishi Materials Corp.(Japan) [p. 435]

Mitsui Mining and Smelting Co., Ltd.(Japan) [p. 436]

Outokumpu Oyj (Finland) [p. 437]

Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd. (Japan) [p. 438]

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