Volume 2: Amatore Intl. Symp. / on Electrochemistry for Sustainable Development
ISBN: 978-1-987820-84-3 (CD) / ISSN: 2291-122
Edited by: F. Kongoli, H. Inufasa, M. G. Boutelle , R. Compton, J.-M. Dubois, F. Murad

  • Science and Technology - The Grand Disruptors and Solution Providers, sips17_46_370, Dr. Florian Kongoli
  • Intrapreneurship-Key to Success in Large and Small Organizations, sips18_46_433, Prof. Dan Shechtman
  • Serendipity Stokes Discovery: Disrupting Established Industries, sips18_46_438, Prof. Sir Fraser Stoddart
  • Graphene: Magic of Flat Carbon, sips18_46_439, Prof. Andre Geim
  • From the Structure and Function of the Ribosome to New Antibiotics, sips18_46_440, Prof. Thomas Steitz
  • Novel, Next Generation, Species Specific, Microbiome Preserving and Ecofriendly Antibiotics, sips18_46_437, Prof. Ada Yonath
  • How the Physics Principle of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Improves the Quality of Daily Human Life, sips18_46_441, Prof. Kurt Wüthrich
  • The discovery and role of nitric oxide and cyclic GMP in biological signaling, sips18_46_434, Prof. Ferid Murad
  • Digital Transformation in Mining: A Sustainable Path to Increasing Productivity, Protecting the Environment, and Developing the Society, sips18_46_442, Dr. Alp Malazgirt
  • Sustainability: A case Study of a "Perfect Storm", sips18_46_436, Prof. Donna J. Nelson
  • New Sustainable Processing of RE-based Magnetic Materials, sips18_46_408, Prof. Spomenka Kobe
  • Perspectives on the Role of New and Advanced Materials and Technologies for Energy, Environment and Sustainability, sips18_46_427, Prof. Fernand Marquis
  • Advanced Manufacturing: Principles and Industrial Sustainable Applications, sips18_46_428FS, Prof. Athanasios G. Mamalis
  • The "Unreasonable" Effectiveness of Mathematics in Physics, sips18_46_443, Dr. Peter Rowlands
  • Editor Foreword : Amatore International Symposium on Electrochemistry for Sustainable Development
  • A Combined Sers-Dft Study Towards Deep Understanding Electrocatalysis(Plenary), sips18_47_277
    Tian, Zhongqun; Huang, Yi Fan; Amatore, Christian; Wang, An; Wu, De Yin; Rondinini, Sandra;
  • Selective Reduction of Carbon Dioxide in Water Using Earth Abundant Metal and Nitrogen Doped Carbon Electrocatalysts, sips18_47_256
    Daasbjerg, Kim; Hu, Xin Ming; Shi, Jun Jie; Pedersen, Steen U.; Skrydstrup, Troels; H. Hval, Halvor;
  • Electrochemical Activation of Carbon Dioxide for the Synthesis of Chemicals, sips18_47_63
    Amatore, Christian; Galia, Alessandro; Scialdone, Onofrio;
  • New Way of Free Hydroxyl Radical ('OH) Reaction Mode Evidenced by Advanced Electrochemical Treatment(Invited), sips18_47_187FS
    Mousset, Emmanuel;
  • Sustainability of Tissue in the Face of Injury and Disease: Electroanalytical Tools to Promote Life Sustainability(Plenary), sips18_47_219
    Boutelle, Martyn G;
  • Stretchable Electrochemical Sensor for Real-time Monitoring of Cell and Tissue Mechanotransduction(Invited), sips18_47_230
    Huang, Wei Hua;
  • Quantitative Analysis of Fusion Pore Dynamics During Vesicular Exocytosis in Neuroendocrine Cells, sips18_47_98FS
    Oleinick, Alexander; Svir, Irina; Amatore, Christian;
  • Plasmon Enhanced Spectroscopic and Electrochemical Detection of Biomolecules, sips18_47_88
    Xia, Xing Hua;
  • Photoelectrochemical Bioanalysis(Invited), sips18_47_69
    Chen, Hong Yuan; Zhao, Wei Wei; Xu, Jing Juan;
  • Electrochemical Catalytic Probes for Amplified Biosensing, sips18_47_103
    Ju, Huangxian;
  • Some Electrochemical Behavior of Self-assembled DNA-metal Nanoparticle Lattice Films(Invited), sips18_47_267
    Tatsuo Kubota, Lauro; Kogikoski Junior, Sergio;
  • Electrochemistry for Sustainable Solar Photovoltaics(Invited), sips18_47_171
    Tao, Meng;
  • Nanoscale Electrochemical Imaging for Functional Energy Materials, sips18_47_405
    Kumatani, Akichika; Takahashi, Yasufumi; Matsue, Tomokazu;
  • Vitamin Based Redox Active Organic Molecules for Energy Storage, sips18_47_220FS
    Lauw, Sherman; Shi, Raymond; Foo, Bao Yun; Webster, Richard;
  • Lithium Recycling from Used Li-ion Batteries Using Innovative Electrodialysis with Lithium Ionic Conductor(Invited), sips18_47_100
    Hoshino, Tsuyoshi;
  • Ecl Color Devices Based on Bipolar Electrode, sips18_47_73
    Xu, Jing Juan; Chen, Hong Yuan;
  • New Materials for Electrochemiluminescent Analysis, sips18_47_252
    Xu, Guobao;
  • Nanospectroscopy for Electrochemistry-electrochemical Tip-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy, sips18_47_152
    Ren, Bin;
  • Highly Sensitive Electrochemical Bioanalysis of Unicellular Samples Based on Au@pt Nanaostructures Modified Diamond Microelectrode Arrays, sips18_47_229
    Wang, Xuemei; Jiang, Hui; Pasquarelli, Alberto; Li, Chunmei; Zhang, Hang; Ruan, Jun;
  • Oxidative Stress: Can We Reduce Oxidative Stress in Various Diseases?(Invited), sips18_47_399
    Inufasa, Haruhiko;
  • Simultaneous Electrochemical Detection of Primary Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Species Released by Cell Populations in Integrated Microdevices, sips18_47_383FS
    Li, Yun; Sella, Catherine; Lemaitre, Frederic; Guille-collignon, Manon; Amatore, Christian; Thouin, Laurent;
  • The Development of Dendrimer-gold Nanocomposite Electrochemical Sensor for the Detection of Lead (ii) Ion in Water, sips18_47_355
    Jalda, Kgaogelo; Mabuba, Nonhlangabezo; Arotiba, Omotayo;
  • Innovative Electrochemical Processes and Reactors for the Treatment of Wastewater(Invited), sips18_47_62
    Scialdone, Onofrio; Amatore, Christian;
  • Cyclic Voltammetry on Nanoelectrode and Nanostructured Electrode, sips18_47_160
    Zhan, Dongping; Tian, Zhongqun;
  • Performance of Lyotropic Liquid Crystal-based Photoelectrochemical Capacitors for Solar-to-electrical Energy Conversion, sips18_47_410FS
    Halls, Jonathan; Ward, Haydn; Althali, Amal A.; Testut, Laetitia; Kocsis, David; Alhassan, Huda S.; Kelly, S.M.; Lawrence, Nathan; Wadhawan, Jay Deep;
  • Actual Problems of the Electrochemistry of Metal Complexes - Fundamentals and Applications: Part 1(Invited), sips18_47_195FS
    Survila, Arvydas;
  • Actual Problems of the Electrochemistry of Metal Complexes - Fundamentals and Applications: Part 2(Invited), sips18_47_196
    Survila, Arvydas;
  • New Electrode Material: Compacts of Boron-Doped Synthetic Diamond , sips18_47_81FS
    Pleskov, Yuri; Krotova, Marina; Ekimov, Eugeniy;
  • 3D Printing Electrodes for Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion, sips18_47_316
    Worsley, Marcus;
  • Influence of the Cobalt and Iron Doping on the Platinum-free Carbon-based Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Reduction Reaction Properties, sips18_47_265
    Lastovina, Tatiana; Pimonova, Yulia; Budnyk, Andriy;
  • Electrochemical Impedance Analysis of Oxygen Reduction Reaction Kinetics in Htpemfcs, sips18_47_396FS
    Giotakos, Panagiotis; Neophytides, Stylianos G.;
  • Electroless Metal Deposition Using Multivalent Metal Ions as Reducing Agents(Invited), sips18_47_136
    Norkus, Eugenijus;
  • Highly Regio and Enantioselective Synthesis of Functionalized Dihydropyridines and One-pot Synthesis of Pyridines Triggered by Heck Coupling of Monocyclopropanated Heterocycles, sips18_47_350
    Yedoyan, Julietta;
  • Membrane Electrolysis as a New Method for Lithium Recovery from Brines, sips18_47_250
    Flexer, Victoria; Palacios, Noelia; Diaz Nieto, Cesar; Rabaey, Korneel;
  • Estimation of the Lability of Electrochemical Systems Involving Processes with Chemical Stages(Poster), sips18_47_234
    Survila, Arvydas; Kanapeckaitė, Stasė; Mažeika, Kęstutis;
  • Kissa, a Software for Fast and Accurate Simulation of Complex Electrochemical Problems(Poster), sips18_47_23FS
    Svir, Irina; Oleinick, Alexander; Klymenko, Oleksiy; Amatore, Christian;
  • Nanochannels Photoelectrochemical Biosensor(Poster), sips18_47_70
    Zhao, Wei Wei;
  • Medicinal Electrosynthesis: A Green, Scalable, Economical and Safe Way to Activate Organic and Organometallic Molecules(Poster), sips18_47_77
    Lam, Kevin;
  • Synthesis and Characterization of Nanostructured Molecularly Imprinted Sol-gel as Selective Electrochemical Sensor for Detection of 4-nitrophenol(Poster), sips18_47_141
    Goulart, Marilia; Cordeiro, Walker; Cavalcante, Sarah; Silva, Jessica; Santos, Monik; Santos, Wilney; Lima, Phabyanno;
  • Nanoscale Electrochemical Imaging for Functional Materials(Poster), sips18_47_142
    Matsue, Tomokazu;
  • The Nature of Current Peaks Observed in Electrochemical Systems Involving Metal Complexes: Properties and Diagnostics(Poster), sips18_47_197
    Survila, Arvydas;
  • Transformation of Complex Lps Voltammograms Into Normalized Tafel Plots as Applied to Ligand-deficient Systems(Poster), sips18_47_198
    Survila, Arvydas;
  • Unique Carbon Electrodes for Microelectronics and Energy Storage(Poster), sips18_47_223
    Mccreery, Richard; Farquhar, Anna; Supur, Mustafa;
  • Electrocatalysis in Pem-fc Reactions: The Influence of the Architectural Disposition of Elements on Surface Adsorption Site Electronic Condition(Poster), sips18_47_224
    Bortoloti, Francielle; Dellacosta, Maria Laura; Ishiki, Nicolas; Keller, Beatriz; Rocha, Kleper; Angelo, Antonio;
  • Synthesis of Electrically Active Switched Ion Exchange Electrode for the Removal of Cesium Ion(Poster), sips18_47_231
    Tawfic, Ahmed; Sabry, Mohy; Yassin, Mohamed;
  • Photocatalytic Degradation of Methyl Orange Dye in a Tubular Flow Reactor Using Nanotubular Oxides Grown on TI 0.5W Alloy(Poster), sips18_47_251
    Carvalho, Joyce; Codolo, Milene; Rodrigues, Christiane;
  • Density Functional Theory Studies of Cu And Sn Surfaces Relevant for Electroplating(Poster), sips18_47_262
    Stauffer, Shannon K.; Vileiauskas, Linas; Survila, Arvydas;
  • Aqueous CO2 Reduction on Nanotubes TiO2 Modified by Copper Porphyrins(Poster), sips18_47_320
    Irikura, Kallyni; Ferreira De Brito, Juliana; Machado Terzi, Carolina; Nakagaki, Shirley; Boldrin Zanoni, Maria Valnice;
  • Assessment of Polydopamine and Nafion Effect in the Functionalization of TiO2 Nanotubes Electrodes with Cu2O Nanocubes for the Photoelectrocatalytic Conversion of CO2 Under Visible Light(Poster), sips18_47_321
    Torquato, Lilian Danielle De Moura; Pastrian, Fabian Andree Cerda; Lima Perini, João Angelo; Ferreira De Brito, Juliana; De Torresi, Susana Ines Cordoba; Boldrin Zanoni, Maria Valnice;
  • Development of Screen-printed Electrodes Based on Laboratory-made Conductive Inks Derived From Renewable Sources and Recycled Polymers.(Poster), sips18_47_404
    Wilson, Deivy; Rosa Da Silva, Robson; Silva Barud, Hernane; J. L. Ribeiro, Sidney; N. De Oliveira Jr, Osvaldo;