Volume 4: Mamalis Intl. Symp. / Advanced Manufacturing
ISBN: 978-1-987820-88-1 (CD) / ISSN: 2291-122
Edited by: F. Kongoli, A. G. Mamalis, K. Hokamoto

  • Science and Technology - The Grand Disruptors and Solution Providers, sips17_46_370, Dr. Florian Kongoli
  • Intrapreneurship-Key to Success in Large and Small Organizations, sips18_46_433, Prof. Dan Shechtman
  • Serendipity Stokes Discovery: Disrupting Established Industries, sips18_46_438, Prof. Sir Fraser Stoddart
  • Graphene: Magic of Flat Carbon, sips18_46_439, Prof. Andre Geim
  • From the Structure and Function of the Ribosome to New Antibiotics, sips18_46_440, Prof. Thomas Steitz
  • Novel, Next Generation, Species Specific, Microbiome Preserving and Ecofriendly Antibiotics, sips18_46_437, Prof. Ada Yonath
  • How the Physics Principle of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Improves the Quality of Daily Human Life, sips18_46_441, Prof. Kurt Wüthrich
  • The discovery and role of nitric oxide and cyclic GMP in biological signaling, sips18_46_434, Prof. Ferid Murad
  • Digital Transformation in Mining: A Sustainable Path to Increasing Productivity, Protecting the Environment, and Developing the Society, sips18_46_442, Dr. Alp Malazgirt
  • Sustainability: A case Study of a "Perfect Storm", sips18_46_436, Prof. Donna J. Nelson
  • New Sustainable Processing of RE-based Magnetic Materials, sips18_46_408, Prof. Spomenka Kobe
  • Perspectives on the Role of New and Advanced Materials and Technologies for Energy, Environment and Sustainability, sips18_46_427, Prof. Fernand Marquis
  • Advanced Manufacturing: Principles and Industrial Sustainable Applications, sips18_46_428FS, Prof. Athanasios G. Mamalis
  • The "Unreasonable" Effectiveness of Mathematics in Physics, sips18_46_443, Dr. Peter Rowlands
  • Editor Foreword : Mamalis International Symposium on Advanced Manufacturing of Advanced Materials and Structures
  • Improving the Efficiency of Machining Through Modifying Carbide Cutting Tips by Pulsed Magnetic Field Processing, sips18_48_419
    Kovalov, Viktor; Vasilchenko, Yana; Shapovalov, Maxim;
  • Improving the Accuracy of Heavy Lathes, sips18_48_418FS
    Kovalov, Viktor; Antonenko, Yana; Saenko, Marina;
  • Explosion Systems with Inert High Modulus Components: Unexpected Phenomena and Opportunities(Invited), sips18_48_33
    Balagansky, Igor;
  • On Ballistics of Damaging Fragmentation Elements, sips18_48_85
    Baghiyan, Aram;
  • Study of Bonding Plates in a Fine-mesh Objects Manufactured by Selective Laser Melting of a Steel Powder, sips18_48_331FS
    Zhukov, Anton; Barakhtin, Boris; Kuznetcov, Pavel;
  • Plasmon Spectroscopy of the Transition Metal Films Surface, sips18_48_177
    Sidorenko, Sergii; Vasylyev, M.A.; Voloshko, S.M.; Yanchuk, V.V.; Kruglov, O.I.;
  • Nanaocomposites Based on Graphene/polymer for 3D Printers, sips18_48_342
    Jalagonia, Natia; Darakhvelidze, Nino; Sichinava, Avtandil; Sanaia, Ekaterine; Casa, Marcello; Kalatozishvili, Leila;
  • Numerical Investigation of a Nonsmooth Rotor-stator System Considering a Shape Memory Alloy Coated Stator, sips18_48_356
    Paiva, Alberto; Veronese Moreira, Rodrigo; Brandão, Alex;
  • The Influence of Aging Treatments on a Ti-Ni 50.7 At. % Mechanical Spring, sips18_48_363
    Oliveira, Hugo De Souza; Bandeira, Henrique Alves; De Paula, Aline Souza;
  • Modelling Shape Memory Effect in Hybrid Composite, sips18_48_360
    Vignoli, Lucas; Savi, Marcelo Amorim;
  • Nanostructured Austempered Ductile Cast Iron (adi), sips18_48_315
    Putatunda, Susil; Pannerselvam, Saranya;
  • Damage Modeling of Shape Memory Alloys, sips18_48_361
    Dornelas, Vanderson Marcio; Oliveira, Sergio Almeida; Savi, Marcelo Amorim;
  • Chemical Transformation of Carbon Nanostructures and its Use in Nanocomposites, sips18_48_341
    Bokuchava, Guram; Kuchukhidze, Tinatin; Archuadze, Tamari; Sanaia, Ekaterine; Jalagonia, Natia;
  • Maxwell-boltzmann Energetics-enabled Design of Ball Milled Reactive Fractal Materials, sips18_48_53
    Doumanidis, Haris;
  • A Novel Approach to Methods and Tools of Optical Spectroscopy of Viruses, sips18_48_93FS
    Kervalishvili, Paata;
  • Nano Thermometry: Origin, Evolution, and Emergence, sips18_48_247
    Kumar, Pragati; Saxena, Nupur; Kalsi, Tania;
  • Synthesis of Fe-Al Alloys by a Novel Reactive Infiltration Method, sips18_48_244
    Milenkovic, Srdjan;
  • Advanced Manufacturing of Advanced Materials from Macro- to Nanoscale: Static to Shock Loading(Plenary), sips18_48_423
    Mamalis, Athanasios G.;
  • The Ethics of Sustainability(Keynote), sips18_48_95
    Ramsden, Jeremy; Mamalis, Athanasios G.; Athanassoulis, Nikolaos T.;
  • Nanotechnology and Sustainability(Keynote), sips18_48_94
    Ramsden, Jeremy; Mamali, Alexandra; Mamalis, Athanasios G.; Athanassoulis, Nikolaos T.;
  • Simulation of the Seismic Performance of Ceiling-Piping-Partition Nonstructural Systems(Keynote), sips18_48_280
    Maragakis, Manos;
  • Dynamic Pressure Change of a Liquid Sloshing in a Rotating, Laterally Oscillating, Cylindrical Container, sips18_48_111FS
    Sawada, Tatsuo; Yokose, Eisaku; Saito, Yusuke;
  • Dynamic Compressive Behavior of an E-glass/polyester Composite Material Subjected to Repeated Loads, sips18_48_124FS
    Tasdemirci, Alper; Bayhan, Mesut; Seven, Semih Berk; Ramyar, Ayda; Guden, Mustafa;
  • The Investigation of Low-velocity Drop Weight Impact on Concrete Plates, sips18_48_123FS
    Tasdemirci, Alper; Seven, Semih Berk; Cankaya, Mehmet Alper; Uysal, Cetin; Saatci, Selcuk; Guden, Mustafa;
  • Hydrogen Segregation in Palladium: Influence of Hydrogen Content, Temperature and Defects, sips18_48_216
    Cagin, Tahir; Leng, Han; Pham, Hieu H.;
  • Faultless Steel Production and Manufacturing(Keynote), sips18_48_294
    Vourna, Xenia; Hristoforou, Evangelos; Mamalis, Athanasios G.;
  • Concurrent Method for Design of Sustainable Multi-stage Manufacturing Processes, sips18_48_261FS
    Commuri, Sesh; Milisavljevic, Jelena; Mistree, Farrokh; Allen, Janet;
  • A Simple Magnetic Susceptibility Measuring Technique, sips18_48_295
    Banis, Giorgios; Tselou, Panayiota; Ferraro, Angelo; Hristoforou, Evangelos; Mamalis, Athanasios G.;
  • Parameters Optimization of Rotary Forming Process of Nickel Superalloy Metal Plates, sips18_48_268
    Puchlerska, Sandra; Zaba, Krzysztof; Pyzik, Jaroslaw; Piega, Tomasz;
  • Synthesis of ZnSe Films by Electrochemical Deposition for Assembly of Photo-transforming Heterostructures, sips18_48_170FS
    Sofronov, Dmitri S.; Mamalis, Athanasios G.; Starikov, Vadym V.; Sofronova, E.M.; Vaksler, E.A.; Mateychenko, P.V.; Lavrynenko, Sergiy N.;
  • Efficiency of Hard Machining Processes, sips18_48_158
    Kundrák, János; Mamalis, Athanasios G.; Molnar, Viktor;
  • Development, Modeling and Characterization of Shape Memory Alloys and Their Utilization in Morphing Structures, sips18_48_145
    Lagoudas, Dimitris C.;
  • Calorimetric Mechanosensors Consisting of Various Mechanisms: Triboluminescence, Structural Color, and Disassembly of Au Nanoparticles, sips18_48_57
    Demir, Mustafa; Topçu, Gökhan; Inci, Ezgi; Mamalis, Athanasios G.;
  • Structure and Optical Properties of Nanocomposite Carbon Films Obtained from Accelerated C60 Ion Flows, sips18_48_151FS
    Rudchenko, Svetlana; Pukha, Vladimir Egorovich; Starikov, Vadym V.; Mamalis, Athanasios G.; Lavrynenko, Sergiy N.;
  • Properties of the Composite SNO2-AG (Semiconductor Metal) Ceramic Material, sips18_48_66FS
    Kirko, Vladimir; Dobrosmislov, Sergey; Nagibin, Genadii; Popov, Z.i.;
  • Glasses for Seeing Beyond the Visible(Keynote), sips18_48_201
    Lucas, Jacques;
  • Au@Pt Core-shell Nanoparticles with Nanostructured Dendritic Pt Shells as Solid Contacts in Ion Selective Electrodes, sips18_48_205FS
    Saber Zaeimian, Masoumeh; Piazza, Anthony; Mamalis, Athanasios G.; Zhu, Xiaoshan; Wan, Li;
  • Spherical Depth-sensing Indentation in a Liquid Environment: Toward Cardiac Tissue Characterization, sips18_48_185FS
    Jehl, Jean Philippe; Kouitat Njiwa, Richard; Maureira, Pablo;
  • Identification of a Peptide that Can Enhance Genotoxic Sensitivity Through Cellular Redistribution of CHK1 Protein, sips18_48_414
    Kim, Kwang Seok; Park, Sang Jun; Kim, Chun Ho;
  • The Making of Unipore Material Through Explosive Welding Process and the Mechanical Response Under Static and Dynamic Loading(Invited), sips18_48_7
    Hokamoto, Kazuyuki;
  • Preparation of Graphene Nanosheets by Shock Waves, sips18_48_159
    Chen, Pengwan; Gao, Xin; Yin, Hao; Xu, Chunxiao; Zhou, Qiang;
  • Relationship Between Hardness and Capillary Action-like Phenomena of Nickel Metal Observed in TiB2+TiN/TiNi/Steel-layered Composites Fabricated by Hot Explosive Welding(Invited), sips18_48_68FS
    Tomoshige, Ryuichi; Ii, Seiichiro; Morizono, Yasuhiro; Sonoda, Kanako;
  • Explosive Forming of Metal Tubes for Heat Exchangers, sips18_48_86FS
    Szalay, Andras; Mamalis, Athanasios G.; Zador, Istvan; Racz, Pal; Toshiaki, Hasebe;
  • Modern Protective Systems for Mitigating Explosions, sips18_48_144FS
    Chikhradze, Nikoloz; Mataradze, Edgar; Krauthammer, Theodore; Chikhradze, Mikheil;
  • Static and Dynamic Compression and Indentation Behavior of Aerated Autoclaved Concrete, sips18_48_113
    Sarikaya, Mustafa; Zeren, Dogus; Akyol, Burak; Kavas, Taner; Uzgan, Ugur; Soyal, Dogan; Guden, Mustafa;
  • Perspective Ways of Increasing the Long-Term Conditions of Medical Patients of Thermal, sips18_48_174FS
    Sheykin, Sergiy; Mamalis, Athanasios G.; Turmanidze, Raul S.; Sohan, S.; Rostotskiy, I.; Efrosinin, Dmitrii Vladimirovich;
  • A Composite Nanostructured Material Based on Alumina for Use in a Airocraft Gas Turbine Engine(Keynote), sips18_48_218FS
    Mamalis, Athanasios G.; Lavrynenko, Sergiy N.; Gevorkyan, Edwin; Dutka, Vasily; Chishkala, Vladymir;
  • Challenges in Engineering Devices that Promote Natural Gait in Amputees, sips18_48_266FS
    Commuri, Sesh; Kotamraju, Bhanu Prasad;
  • Magnetic Permeability Measurement Device Based on Hall Effect, sips18_48_296
    Angelopoulos, Spyridon; Banis, Giorgios; Vourna, Xenia; Ktena, Aphrodite; Tsarabaris, Panagiotis; Hristoforou, Evangelos; Mamalis, Athanasios G.;
  • New Designs of Rotors with Variable Geometry Parameters in Dynamics and Their Effective Use in Aviation and Wind Energy, sips18_48_162FS
    Turmanidze, Raul S.; Kervalishvili, Paata; Popxadze, Giorgi;
  • Structure and Properties of MgB2 - Based Materials, sips18_48_121FS
    Prikhna, Tetiana; Eisterer, Michael; Rindfleisch, Matt; Mamalis, Athanasios G.; Tomsic, Michael; Romaka, Vitaliy; Kozyrev, Artem; Karpets, Myroslav; Shaternik, Anton; Ponomaryov, Semen; Moshchil, Viktor;
  • Energy Cloud Service and Tomoni - Holistic Solutions for Energy Intensive Industries, sips18_48_80
    Kakaras, Emmanuel; Agraniotis, Michalis; Bergins, Christian; Buddenberg, Torsten; Athanassoulis, Nikolaos T.;
  • A New Ruthenium(ii) Photosensitizer with Bipyridines Containing Electron Donor/withdrawing Groups, sips18_48_90
    Salomón, Fernando Federico; Cattaneo, Mauricio; Katz, Néstor;
  • Smart Cities Under Electric Energy Trends: From Autonomous Building Directive to Prosumer Target(Invited), sips18_48_51FS
    Athanassoulis, Nikolaos T.; Tsakanikas, Aggelos; Kladas, Antonios G.;
  • DFT Insights Into the Role of Relative Positions of Fe and N Dopants on the Structure and Properties of TiO2, sips18_48_32FS
    Gul, Sahar Ramin; Khan, Matiullah; Yi, Zeng; Wu, Bo; Mamalis, Athanasios G.;
  • Reduction of Transport Impact on Air Quality Due to New Conception of Hydrogen Storage, sips18_48_140
    Prikhna, Tetiana; Monastyrov, Mykola; Talanchuk, Petro; Mamalis, Athanasios G.; Marquis, Fernand; Halbedel, Bernd;
  • Stroboscopic Method of Fluorescence Analyses of Optically Dense Media, sips18_48_275
    Gomidze, Nugzar; Jabnidze, Izolda; Diasamidze, Zhuzhuna; Kalandadze, Lali; Nakashidze, Omar; Makharadze, Kakha; Khajishvili, Miranda; Surmanidze, Zebur;
  • Assessment of System Failure in Compatibility of Autonomous Vehicles with Vulnerable Road Users Vindicating Passive Safety Technology(Keynote), sips18_48_149
    Chirwa, Clive;
  • Nanotechnology Enables Hot Gold Nanorods to Kill Cancer Cells and to Stop Live Cells from Migrating(Poster), sips18_48_12
    El-Sayed, Mostafa A.;
  • Multiphysics Challenges in Industrial Applications(Poster), sips18_48_61
    Moatamedi, Mojtaba; Alzahabi, Basem;
  • Analysis of 3D Scanning Measurements of the Plastically Deformed Aircraft Elements(Poster), sips18_48_139FS
    Zaba, Krzysztof; Puchlerska, Sandra; Mizera, Jaroslaw; Sitek, Ryszard; Pieja, Tomasz ;
  • Strong Electron Correlations in Oxides: The Route to Promising Functional Materials(Poster), sips18_48_155
    Raveau, Bernard;
  • Transition Metal Oxides: A Vast Investigative Field for Functional Materials(Poster), sips18_48_156
    Raveau, Bernard;
  • Effect of Deformation on Phases Formation and Properties of Surface Layers in Fe-based Alloys Under Diffusion of N and C(Poster), sips18_48_178
    Sidorenko, Sergii; Demchenko, Lesya; Titenko, Anatoliy; Ren, Tie Zhen;
  • Influence of the Heat Treatment Atmosphere on Coercivity of [FePt/Au/FePt]2x Thin Films(Poster), sips18_48_179
    Sidorenko, Sergii; Voloshko, S.M.; Orlov, A.K.; Vladymyrskyi, I.A.; Kato, K.; Ishikawa, T.;
  • Prediction of Suitable Material for Ag/Me/Graphene Interface as Front Contact for Solar Cells(Poster), sips18_48_181
    Sidorenko, Sergii; Gong, Weiping; Guo, Zhaohui; Xie, Weidong; Liu, Min; Konorev, S.; Fedorov, M.; Voloshko, S.M.;
  • Surface Relaxation and Stress on Ti/Graphene Systems(Poster), sips18_48_182
    Sidorenko, Sergii; Gong, Weiping; Guo, Zhaohui; Konorev, S.; Voloshko, S.M.;
  • Sustainable Industrial Applications Via Solid State Polycondensation(Poster), sips18_48_183
    Papaspyrides, Constantine;
  • The Correlation Between the Mineralogical Composition and the Surface Properties of Inorganic Natural Materials(Poster), sips18_48_225
    Danchenko, Yuliya;
  • Comparison of Mechanical Properties of Samples Obtained by Injection Molding and FDM Printing(Poster), sips18_48_243FS
    Bilewicz, Marcin; Tanski, Tomasz;
  • Giant Magneto-impedance Sensor for Steel Health Monitoring(Poster), sips18_48_297
    Angelopoulos, Spyridon; Vourna, Xenia; Ktena, Aphrodite; Tsarabaris, Panagiotis; Hristoforou, Evangelos; Mamalis, Athanasios G.;