Volume 8: Composite, Ceramic, Nanomaterials and Mathematics
ISBN: 978-1-987820-96-6 (CD) / ISSN: 2291-122
Edited by: F. Kongoli, M. de Campos

  • Science and Technology - The Grand Disruptors and Solution Providers, sips17_46_370, Dr. Florian Kongoli
  • Intrapreneurship-Key to Success in Large and Small Organizations, sips18_46_433, Prof. Dan Shechtman
  • Serendipity Stokes Discovery: Disrupting Established Industries, sips18_46_438, Prof. Sir Fraser Stoddart
  • Graphene: Magic of Flat Carbon, sips18_46_439, Prof. Andre Geim
  • From the Structure and Function of the Ribosome to New Antibiotics, sips18_46_440, Prof. Thomas Steitz
  • Novel, Next Generation, Species Specific, Microbiome Preserving and Ecofriendly Antibiotics, sips18_46_437, Prof. Ada Yonath
  • How the Physics Principle of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Improves the Quality of Daily Human Life, sips18_46_441, Prof. Kurt Wüthrich
  • The discovery and role of nitric oxide and cyclic GMP in biological signaling, sips18_46_434, Prof. Ferid Murad
  • Digital Transformation in Mining: A Sustainable Path to Increasing Productivity, Protecting the Environment, and Developing the Society, sips18_46_442, Dr. Alp Malazgirt
  • Sustainability: A case Study of a "Perfect Storm", sips18_46_436, Prof. Donna J. Nelson
  • New Sustainable Processing of RE-based Magnetic Materials, sips18_46_408, Prof. Spomenka Kobe
  • Perspectives on the Role of New and Advanced Materials and Technologies for Energy, Environment and Sustainability, sips18_46_427, Prof. Fernand Marquis
  • Advanced Manufacturing: Principles and Industrial Sustainable Applications, sips18_46_428FS, Prof. Athanasios G. Mamalis
  • The "Unreasonable" Effectiveness of Mathematics in Physics, sips18_46_443, Dr. Peter Rowlands

6th Intl. Symp. on Composite, Ceramic and Nano Materials Processing, Characterization and Applications
  • Aviation Coatings for Volcanic Environments(Plenary), sips18_18_107FS
    Rokicki, Pawel; Goral, Marek; Nowotnik, Andrzej;
  • Improved Nanocrystalline Structures for Magnetic Recording, sips18_18_336FS
    De Campos, Marcos; De Castro, Jose Adilson;
  • Optimized Materials for Wind Turbines and Electric Motors, sips18_18_338FS
    De Campos, Marcos;
  • Ultra-thin Graphene Coating on Metals for Corrosion Resistance: Opportunities and Challenges(Plenary), sips18_18_168
    Singh, Raman;
  • Effects of Various Additives and Sintering Temperature on Phase Evolution and Properties of Carbon-clay Ceramic Composites, sips18_18_89FS
    Aramide, Fatai Olufemi; Adepoju, Olusola Dayo; Popoola, Patricia Abimbola;
  • How to Generate More Fluorescence with Less: Silica Nanoparticle Encapsulated Dyes, sips18_18_227FS
    Patonay, Gabor; Alsolmy, Eman; Henary, Maged; Abdelwahab, Walid; Chapman, Gala;
  • Thermoelectric Properties of the Layered Rhodates KxRhO2 and NaxCoO2, sips18_18_290
    Schwingenschlogl, Udo; Singh, Nirpendra; Saeed, Yasir;
  • Rice Husks Fibre Reinforced Polypropylene Composites for Structural Reuse - A Technological Solution to an Environmental Challenge in Sub-saharan Africa, sips18_18_26
    Odhong, Edward; Muumbo, Alex Munyasya; Mayaka, Abel N.;
  • Applications of Microsphere Monolayers on Solar Cells and Leds, sips18_18_278
    Chan, Chia Hua; Chen, Chii Chang;
  • Influence of the Structural Parameters on the Optical Properties of Nano-dispersive Nickel, sips18_18_276
    Kalandadze, Lali; Nakashidze, Omar; Gomidze, Nugzar; Jabnidze, Izolda;
  • The Spectroscopies of Electrons for the Control and the Development of Surface Technologies in the Transport Industry, sips18_18_284
    Dupin, Jean Charles;
  • Capacitive Humidity Sensor Based on Polymer Composite Thin Film, sips18_18_17FS
    Aziz, Fakhra; Fatima, Noshin; W. Lim, Lih; Sulaiman, Khaulah;
  • Electron Beam Surface Hardening of AISI H13 Tool Steel, sips18_18_147
    Thakare, Sandeep;
  • Enhanced Precious Metal-free LaCOxMn1-xO3 Hybrid Perovskite Catalysts with Fine-tunable Redox Properties, sips18_18_221
    Ozensoy, Emrah;
  • Nanotwinning in Materials: A Worthy Defect for Superior Properties, sips18_18_242
    Kumar, Pragati; Uttam, Prateek; Saxena, Nupur;
  • Thermodynamic Analysis of the Interaction of Carbon with TiO2, ZrO2, B2O3 and Obtaining a Mixture of Boride- and Carbides of Titanium and Zirconium (Poster), sips18_18_76FS
    Ukleba, Ketevan; Bagdavadze, Jondo; Tsikaridze, Zurab;
  • Application of Hybrid Zinc Coatings for Improved Corrosion Resistance(Poster), sips18_18_92
    Boshkov, Nikolai; Kamburova, Kamelia; Boshkova, Neli; Radeva, Tsetska;
  • Investigation of Ceramic Shell Molds by Using a Thermal Imaging Camera(Poster), sips18_18_131
    Sitek, Ryszard; Mizera, Jaroslaw;
  • Investigation of the Surface Structure Defects in Ceramic Shell Molds Using a Thermo-visual Camera(Poster), sips18_18_133
    Mizera, Jaroslaw; Wisniewski, Pawel; Sitek, Ryszard; Zaba, Krzysztof;
  • Modern Composite Ceramic Binders in Investment Casting Technologies(Poster), sips18_18_206
    Cygan, Rafal;
  • Comparative Analysis on Monolithic DeNOx Catalysts(Poster), sips18_18_292
    Perillo, Giovanni;

5th Intl. Symp. on Sustainable Surface and Interface Engineering: Coatings for Extreme Environments
  • Characterization of Polymer Solutions with TiO2; Applied on Substrates and Used in Construction for Sustainable Photocatalysis, sips18_19_269FS
    Hernández, Aline; Loera, Natalia; Pérez, Gerardo; Fischer, Luis; Blockstrand, Francisco; Contreras, María; Sánchez, Diana;

5th Intl. Symp. on Synthesis and Properties of Nanomaterials for Future Energy Demands
  • Batteries: Trends in the Market and Research, sips18_16_337FS
    De Campos, Marcos;
  • Study of Photovoltaic Devices Hybrid Active Layer(Poster), sips18_16_240FS
    Jarka, Pawel; Tanski, Tomasz; Matysiak, Wiktor; Hajduk, Barbara;

3rd Intl. Symp. on Sustainable Mathematics Applications
  • The "Unreasonable" Effectiveness of Mathematics in Physics(Plenary), sips18_38_217FS
    Rowlands, Peter;
  • Multitime Optimal Control in Resource Economics(Invited), sips18_38_191
    Udriste, Constantin;
  • Reconsideration of Continual and Statistical Mechanics Based on Scalar Representation of Deformation, sips18_38_175
    Ryabov, Valeriy;
  • Steady Biomagnetic Flow Along a Nonlinearly Stretching Surface with Magnetic Dipole, sips18_38_354FS
    Mohammad, Ferdows; Mahbub, Maria; Tzirtzilakis, E.e.;
  • Numerical Solution of Optimal Control Problem for Linear Differential Equations with M-Point Nonlocal Boundary Conditions(Poster), sips18_38_281
    Devadze, David; Beridze, Vakhtang;