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Amr_Henni Associate Dean of Research

Amr Henni

University of Regina
Regina, Canada

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Short Bio:

Professor Amr Henni is the Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies at the Faculty of Engineering (University of Regina, Canada). Dr. Henni obtained his PhD in Process Engineering from the University of Regina. His PhD thesis dealt with the study of physical and mixed solvents used in the capture of carbon dioxide from natural and flue gases. He joined the University of Regina as an Assistant Professor in 2003. His specialization is in the areas of Carbon Capture (Solubility, Kinetics, Calorimetry, Adsorption, Mass transfer with chemical reactions, Corrosion, Solvent degradation, pKa, Physical and transport property measurements, and Process plant simulations), Enhanced Heavy Oil Recovery, Potash Flotation, Treatment of Produced Water (polymeric and ceramic membranes, Diffuse air flotation, Organoclays), and Wind Turbine Simulation. His work experience in industry includes working in an LNG plant (Algeria) and in R&D with Saudi Aramco. He has also been an active consultant to oil and gas companies in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. He has received many awards and scholarships from the Algerian Institute of Petroleum (Institut Algerien du Petrole) and the universities of Alberta and Regina. He was a Visiting Professor at the Denmark Technical University, Qatar University, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (Saudi Arabia) and Chulalongkorn University (Bangkok). Dr. Henni is the Engineering Editor of the Arab Journal for Science and Engineering published by Elsevier, and a board member in two other journals. Dr. Henni is actively involved in research dealing with Carbon Capture with more than 100 refereed journal publications, and a similar number of conference presentations, in addition to ten book chapters, and a patent. Dr. Henni has supervised more than 60 MASC and PhD students. He has received more than 9 million dollars in research and equipment funds.