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Andrey_Dmitriev Professor

Andrey Dmitriev

Russian Academy of Sciences - Ural
Ekaterinburg, Russian Federation

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Short Bio:

Prof.–Dr. Andrey N. Dmitriev is a noted scientist in the field of the development of a scientific basis for the complex use of mineral raw materials. He studies the basic scientific direction, development, and perfection of mathematical models and their use for the analysis and optimization of processes involving ores. For the first time, he has developed and introduced a method of analytical research for blast furnace smelting on the basis of complex two-dimensional mathematical models that essentially supplement the experimental methods used in practice. He has also developed the scientific basis for the application of computer methods for the analysis and perfection of pyrometallurgy processes; an original technique for the influence estimation of iron ore raw materials and coke quality as indicators in blast furnace smelting; and an original technique for the monitoring system of the firebrick lining state of the blast furnace hearth intended for emergency prevention. The scientific ideas and development stemming from his work are used to create and perfect technologies for the processing of titan-ferrous magnetite, chromic iron ores, silicate-nickel iron ores, siderite iron ores, leucoxene concentrates used for the elimination of the existing deficiency in the Ural of the steel-making iron ore raw material, and the raw materials for manufacturing the pigment dioxide of titan and scrap. Additionally, he developed and introduced the monitoring system of the firebrick lining state of the blast furnace hearth on five blast furnaces of China, earning the Silver Medal at the Metal-Expo’2014 in Russia; the Award of the Governor of Sverdlovsk Region, 2015; Diploma of 1 degree; and the Gold Medal of the Petersburg Engineering Fair, 2016. Additional areas of his work include implementing the concept of commissioning actual Kachkanarsky field of titanomagnetite ores and the beginning of an examination of the use of ores from the Gusevogorsky deposit. He has also contributed to the Institute of Metallurgy of UB RUS in the field of processing, specifically work that generalised titancontaining iron ores and created the concept in Russia productions of pigmentary titanium dioxide on the basis of South Ural deposits and the Komi Republic. In addition to the scheme of processing of titanomagnetite iron ores of the Tebinbulak deposit (Republic of Uzbekistan) offered earlier, “metallization – electromelting”, his work has contributed “the blast furnace – the converter” scheme and forumated conditions that allow for selecting and implementing one of these schemes. He also took part in a project that examined the processing of titan-containing ores from the Masalsky deposit (Republic of Kazakhstan). Moreover, he is the leader of investigations on experimental and mathematical modeling of pyrometallurgy processes, the “Ural” regional program, the “State Support of Integration of Higher Education and Fundamental Science” federal program – working with industrial enterprises, grants of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, and the international programs. He is the author of 8 monographs, more than 350 articles; and 12 inventions; has participated as a lecturer (including invited lecturer) at many conferences, including international ones; and was the official opponent at the defence of 8 doctoral theses and 10 candidate’s degree theses. In addition, he has served as the head of 2 post-graduate students. Notably, Prof. Dmitriev is an expert of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Federal Research Centre for Projects Evaluation and Consulting Services, and a member of the editorial boards of a number of Russian and foreign magazines. He graduated from the Ural Polytechnic Institute in 1973 with a qualification as a metallurgical engineer. Currently, he serves as the chief scientific employee of the Institute of Metallurgy of the Urals Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Technical Sciences; full member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences; full member of the Academy of Engineering Sciences of the Russian Federation named A.M. Prokhorov; and professor at the Ural Federal University; member of the NP “Expert Forum”. He is also a current member of the Presidium of Regional Ural Branch of Academy of Engineering Sciences of the Russian Federation named A.M. Prokhorov, Russian Academy of Natural History (RANH), Russian Chemical Society named D.I. Mendeleev, Academy of Natural History, TMS (The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society), and BIT Congress Inc. http://pyromet.org/