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Miguel A._Alario Franco

Miguel A. Alario Franco

Complutense University of Madrid
Madrid, Spain

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Short Bio:

Prof. Miguel Á. Alario-Franco (born 1942) is Emeritus professor at Universidad Complutense in Madrid (UCM) where he obtained a D.Sc. in 1970 and a professorship in 1976. A pioneer in the development of Solid State Chemistry both as an academic discipline and as a research topic in Spain and abroad, he founded at UCM the S.S. Ch group, including the High Pressure Synthesis and the Electron Microscopy Laboratories and headed it between 1974 and 2012. His wide and positive mentoring activities benefited a large number of scientists, over 150, many of them foreigners, in particular Ibero-American. Member (1991-) and President (2009-2012) of the Royal Academy of Sciences of Spain, he is Honorary member of the Materials Research Society of India (1998-), C-Member of the Academy of Sciences of the República Argentina (2008-), H-Member Academy of Sciences of Colombia (2010-) H-Fellow of the University of Aberystwyth (2015) and member of the EURASC (2018-). Co-author, with J.L. Vicent, of the first text on Superconductivity in the Spanish language and co-editor of six meetings Proceedings. Among the different research lines that he has developed, stand out his studies on non-stoichiometry and extended defects, and also the relationships between structure, microstructure, composition and properties of non-molecular materials, mainly, but not exclusively, High Tc Superconductors and Ionic Conductors. Amidst the Prizes and awards that he has received, one can mention the Rey Jaime I Prize on Materials Science (1991). The México Prize in Science and Technology (2009). The Senior Research Award of the Spanish Solid State Chemistry and Physics Conferences (2010). The Miguel Catalán Prize of Madrid (2010) and the Gold & Diamonds Medal of Madrid Autonomous Community Chemist’s College (2016).