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Raman_Singh Professor

Raman Singh

Monash University
Monash University, Australia

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Short Bio:

Professor Raman Singh’s primary research interests are in the relationship of Nano-/microstructure and Environment-assisted degradation and fracture of metallic and composite materials, and Nanotechnology for Advanced Mitigation of such Degradations. He has also worked extensively on use of advanced materials (e.g., graphene) for corrosion mitigation, and on stress corrosion cracking, and corrosion and corrosion-mitigation of magnesium alloys (including for the use of magnesium alloys for bioimplant, aerospace and defence applications). Prof Singh’s professional distinctions and recognitions include: Editor of a book on Cracking of Welds (CRC Press), Lead Editor of a book on Non-destructive Evaluation of Corrosion (Wiley), Editor-in-Chief of two journals, leader/chairperson of a few international conferences and 38 plenary/keynote lectures at international conferences, over 255 peer-reviewed international journal publications and 15 book chapters and several competitive research grants. Prof Singh has supervised 50 PhD students. His vibrant research group at Monash University comprises of PhD students from different disciplines (Mechanical, Chemical, Materials and Mining Engineering, and Science) as well as from different cultural backgrounds (Australian, Middle-eastern, Chinese, Malaysian, Indian, African, North American and Israeli).