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Nicholas_Fantuzzi Professor

Nicholas Fantuzzi

University of Bologna
Bologna, Italy

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Short Bio:

Nicholas Fantuzzi was born in Bologna, June 16, 1984. Bachelor and Master degrees in Civil Engineering obtained at the University of Bologna in 2006 and 2009 both with grade 110/110 cum laude. First position obtained in the competition for admission to the PhD in Structural Engineering and Hydraulics at the University of Bologna in December 2009. PhD in Structural Engineering and Hydraulics at the University of Bologna in 2013. PhD Thesis title: “Generalized differential quadrature finite element method applied to advanced structural mechanics”. From 2010 to 2015 Adjunct Professor (Tutor Contract) for activities to support the teaching of Second Level Master in “Design of Oil & Gas plants”, for ENI Corporate University, at University of Bologna. From Jun 2013 to Jun 2017 owner a research grant entitled: “About shell structures made of anisotropic materials. Unified formulation and numerical analysis”, at the University of Bologna. From Jun 2017 to Oct 2018 Junior Assistant Professor at the University of Bologna. From Nov 2018 Senior Assistant Professor (tenue-track) at the University of Bologna. Since 2017 Teacher of the course “Modelling of Offshore Structures” and of the course “Advanced Structural Mechanics” in the International Master degree in Offshore Engineering (former Civil Engineering-Offshore Curriculum). His research interests are: mechanics of solids and structures, fracture mechanics, implementation of numerical methods for the design of structures, application of composite materials in offshore engineering, design and strengthening of offshore components with numerical simulations. Finite element method, differential quadrature method and mesh-free element methods. Winner of 3 international awards: - The “ICCS17 Ian Marshall's Award for Best Student Paper” in 2013. - The “Best Student Paper Award – MIMS16” in 2016. - The “ICCM Young Investigator Award” in 2018. He participated in the organization or co-chaired 11 International Conferences on composite structures and mechanics of solids and structures. Latest event is: - 23rd International Conference on Composite Structures and 6th International Conference on Mechanics of Composites (ICCS23 & MECHCOMP6), Porto, Portugal. 15-18 June 2020. Guest Editor of the Special Issue “Mesh-Free and Finite Element-Based Methods for Structural Mechanics Applications” of Mathematical and Computational Applications, MDPI Publishing. Section Editor-in-Chief of “Mathematical and Computational Applications”, MDPI Publishing. Co-Editor of the Special Issue “Multiscale Mechanical Modelling of 'Complex' Materials and Engineering Applications” of International Journal for Multiscale Computational Engineering (IJMCE). Reviewer activity on more than 80 international journals. Author of more than 90 international peer reviewed journal papers, 7 books (in Italian and English) and more than 60 abstracts in national and international conferences.