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Sebastien Martinet

Grenoble, France

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Short Bio:

Dr Sébastien Martinet is a 47-year old Senior Battery Scientist at CEA-LITEN (France). He is a process Engineer with more than 20 year experience in the battery field. He started working with SAFT during 4 years, first on NiMH batteries during its PhD in electrochemistry and then on the improvement of Li-Ion battery safety. He joined CEA in 1999 to develop and set-up a Li-Ion cell assembly line. From 2006 to 2010, he was head of the Li-Ion battery laboratory, covering active material synthesis up to Li-Ion cell prototyping in dry rooms. Some developments concerned both positive materials such as phosphate compounds or 5V spinels and negative materials such as LTO or Silicon-based anodes. Another part of the activity was dedicated to the development of custom batteries, e.g. medical applications, and also to the developments of bipolar Li-Ion for high power applications. Since 2010, he works as a battery scientific expert in CEA-LITEN and leads research on various topics: polyanionic cathode materials (phosphates and silicates), post Li-Ion technologies (both sodium-ion and magnesium-ion), battery modeling… He is Inventor or co-inventor of more than 30 patents in the battery field, he participated in Li-Ion battery material transfer to two industrial partners and also in the creation of the niche market battery company Prollion.