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no_photo Associate Professor

Djamel Kaoumi

North Carolina State University
Raleigh, United States

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Short Bio:

Dr Djamel Kaoumi received his PhD in Nuclear Engineering from Pennsylvania State University in 2007 and his Masters of Science from University of Florida in 2001 with a minor in Materials Science and Engineering. Prior to this, he received his Diplome d’Ingenieur from the Institut Polytechnique National de Grenoble in France in 2000. He is currently an associate professor of Nuclear Engineering at the North Carolina State University in the USA. His research interests revolve around developing a mechanistic understanding of microstructure property relationships in nuclear materials, with an emphasis on microstructure evolution under harsh environment (i.e. corrosion, irradiation, high temperature, and mechanical stress) as found in nuclear reactors and how it can impact the macroscopic properties and performance. His characterization techniques of predilection include both in-situ and ex-situ techniques of microstructure characterization of structural alloys exposed to corrosive environment relevant to the nuclear industry (e.g. pressurized water, liquid metal, molten salt).