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Migen Dibra

Migen Dibra, Doctor of Law and Attorney in research and legislation
Montreal, Canada

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Short Bio:

Doctor Migen Dibra is a Doctor of Law and an Attorney in research and legislation. She is also a published author in law and a speaker at several legal international Symposiums. All her articles and conference presentations have been selected by peer review committees. She holds an LL.B., in civil law, a J.D. and LL.M in Common Law, and a Doctorate, LL.D. in Labour and Corporate Law from the University of Montreal, Canada. She is a member of the Quebec Bar and has a special interest in Labour Law, Corporate Law, and Constitutional Law. Dr. Migen Dibra was part of the Dean's List of excellence during her studies at the Faculty of Law of the University of Montreal. She is also the Winner and receiver of several prestigious awards and prizes in the legal field in Canada. Dr. Dibra has completed her Internship as a Lawyer at the Quebec Court of Appeal which is the highest jurisdiction in Quebec, Canada. At the Quebec Court of Appeal, Dr. Dibra worked for some of the most renowned Judges and received excellent evaluations from them. Dr. Migen Dibra’s doctorate thesis received Mention as a "Very good Thesis" and was selected to be part of the Quebec National Assembly Library. Dr. Migen Dibra’s legal career has focused on Corporate, labour, administrative and constitutional law. Dr. Migen Dibra, has successfully represented clients in all levels of court in Canada, in multiple languages, and in law cases against several cities and the union. After being a successful lawyer for many years, she decided to critically analyze the laws and try to improve them, especially regarding worker participation rights during company restructuring.