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Pinchas_Mandell Chairman/Chief Scientist

Pinchas Mandell

Family of Israel Foundation
Accord, United States

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Short Bio:

A renaissance man, serial entrepreneur, visionary, and futurist that has lived, survived, and thrived in dozens of countries on 5 continents enabling me to see the big picture and how everything is connected to everything else and all of us to each other making us all one. I am merely the conductor orchestrating the symphony of technologies and ideas which work together in complete symbiotic harmony for the benefit of all mankind. Prof. Mandell has over 35 years of continuous experience in advanced engineering & physics research. Expert in the management and execution of bleeding edge engineering research & development programs involving the fields of electronics, physics, chemistry, energy medicine, clean renewable energy, telecommunication, advanced security technologies & systems, environmental clean-up technologies, rapid deployment low cost construction technologies, advanced water solutions (pioneer in the field of atmospheric water vapor processing technologies (Water from Air).