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Maros_Halama M.Sc. PhD.

Maros Halama

Technical University of Kosice, Faculty of Materials, Metallurgy and Recycling, Corrosion Control Lab
Kosice, Slovakia

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Short Bio:

Dr. Halama is vice-dean for Research, Innovations and International Affairs, obtained M.Sc. in Chemistry at UPJS Kosice (partly Aristotle Uni. of Thessaloniki) and PhD at TUKE in Materials Science. Since 2006 he took part on several European Science Foundation's trainings on advanced materials, nanomedicine and nanosafety. He has conducted more than 40 industrial inquires and failure analysis within energy sector. He was awarded with prestigious International Association for Advanced Materials Scientist Medal 2016 in Miami. Since 2017 he acted as member of Steel Advisory Group at RFCS, EC and since 2019 as CnGE representative, Captech Group, European Defence Agency, since 2019 member of Presidency of Slovak Battery Alliance. His actual research focusing on safety of advanced materials for Li-ion batteries, safety of nanotechnologies in different environment, safety of advanced materials in hydrogen technologies, application of artificial neural networks in material science.