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Madali_Naimanbayev Leading Researcher

Madali Naimanbayev

Satbayev University, Institute of Metallurgy
Almaty, Kazakhstan

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Short Bio:

Madali Naimanbayev, Ph.D. (1985), member of the International Professorial Association (1997), member of the European Academy of Natural Sciences (2017). In 1975 he graduated from the metallurgical faculty of the Kazakh Polytechnic Institute in Almaty. In 1975-1988 He worked at the AchisaiPolymetallic Combine, going from the master of the metallurgical plant to the chief engineer of the Achisai mine. From 1988 to 1991, he worked at the Chimkent Lead Plant as deputy chief engineer and deputy director of the enterprise. At the end of 1991, he moved to Almaty, where until 1994 he worked as vice-president of the ASPEC Association, from 1994-1995 - deputy general director of the financial and industrial company KAZMETALL, in 1995-1998. - manager in financial structures (KAZKOM, BTA), in 1998-2002. - Deputy Director of the Department of Communal Property Management of the city of Almaty, in 2002-2007, Chief Consultant of the consulting firm NPV, from 2007 to the present - at the Institute of Metallurgy and Enrichment JSC in the laboratory of titanium and rare refractory metals. Twice (2014-2016) he received a state scholarship of the Republic of Kazakhstan "for his outstanding contribution to the development of science." The main areas of research Naymanbayeva MA are the development of technologies for processing Kazakhstani titanium-containing raw materials of complex composition with a high content of impurities, complex processing of titanium-magnetite concentrates to produce high-quality pig iron and titanium-containing slag, as well as for the production of pigmentary titanium dioxide from substandard middlings. A special place in the works of MA.Naimanbayeva takes the creation of technologies for the extraction of rare earth metals from various types of mineral and technogenic raw materials. He is also an active publicist, his articles on topical issues of social development are published in the media. Naimanbayev M.A. published over 200 scientific papers, he is the author of more than 35 inventions. For the aggregate of these studies in 2017, he was awarded the Wilhelm Leibnitz Medal, the founder and first President of the Berlin Academy of Sciences, by the European Academy of Natural Sciences