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Vasily_Lutsyk professor

Vasily Lutsyk

Institute of Physical Materials Science SB RAS
Ulan-Ude, Russian Federation

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Short Bio:

Dr. Vasily Lutsyk studied Chemistry at the Donetsk University, Ukraine, former USSR, and graduated as MS in 1970. He received his PhD degree in 1978 at the V.I. Nikitin Chemistry Institute of the Tajikistan Academy of Sciences, Dushanbe, former USSR (Thesis on Inorganic Chemistry: "Liquidus’ models in the ternary systems with the molybdenum anhydride and the alkali metals sulphates”, superviser Prof. Marx Mokhosoev). He received his Doctor’s Degree in 1997 at the Irkutsk University, Russia (Thesis on Physical Chemistry: "Heterogeneous design: computer-aided engineering of the multicomponent systems by means of the equations for the boundaries of homogeneous regions"). Since 1981 till now he works at the Buryat Scientific Centre of the SB RAS. His current work focuses on the assembling of the multidimensional phase diagrams of the multicomponent systems to decode the materials genome. He is awarded by “IAAM Medal-2017” and included in the list of AML academic-editors http://www.vbripress.com/aml/pages/academic-editors