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SIPS2022 Volume 10 Nolan Intl. Symp Laws & Their Applications

Editors:F. Kongoli, M. McNeil, Y. Hayakawa, M. Dibra.
Publisher:Flogen Star OUTREACH
Publication Year:2022
Pages:126 pages
ISBN:978-1-989820-52-0 (CD))
ISSN:2291-1227 (Metals and Materials Processing in a Clean Environment Series)
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    Dawn of antioxidant therapy

    Haruhiko Inufusa1;
    1TIMA, Gifu, Japan;
    Type of Paper: General Plenary
    Id Paper: 537
    Topic: 46


    Research on oxidative stress has been in full swing for about 40 years. Professor Toshikazu Yoshikawa, whose name is on the Yoshikawa International Symposium at SIPS2022, has clearly stated for 40 years that many diseases are caused and aggravated by oxidative stress, creating further oxidative stress. Professor Yoshikawa's foresight led him to predict that suppressing oxidative stress would alleviate symptoms and treat many diseases.
    The work of Professor Ferido Murad, who discovered that the coronary dilating effect of nitroglycerin, developed more than 100 years ago, was due to the release of Nox from the vascular wall muscle, was one of the proofs of this. This was one of the proofs of Professor Yoshikawa's work. This led to the development of Viagra, a further phosphodiesterase synthesis inhibitor with a similar effect. However, the effect could only be seen in the male function. Although recent meta-analysis of Viagra has pointed to its potential for dementia prevention, but clinical trials for dementia have not been initiated.
    Evidence for the efficacy of antioxidant therapy in other diseases was scarce until the development of my Twendee X. Twendee X is a dietary supplement consisting of eight active ingredients, which has already proven effective in clinical trials for dementia prevention and is being proven effective in a number of other diseases, including diabetes and allergic diseases. In recent years, the symptoms caused by COVID-19 infection, Long COVID, and mRNA vaccine drug damage are typical examples of oxidative stress disease symptoms. The large amounts of oxidative stress substances produced by inflammation of spike proteins cause systemic thrombosis and immunodeficiency, often leading to fatal reactions.
    This SIPS2022 Oxidative Stress Symposium will include many presentations related to Twendee X and Twendee Mtcontrol products. This will be the SIPS meeting that will signal the dawn of antioxidant therapy for the diseases foreseen by Professor Yoshikawa.

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