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Dan Shechtman Prof. Dan Shechtman
Technion Institute of Technology and Iowa State University
2011 Nobel Laureate - Chemistry
Short Bio
Theme: Technological Entrepreneurship - Key to World Prosperity and Peace
Didier Queloz Prof. Didier Queloz
University of Cambridge
2019 Nobel Laureate - Physics
Short Bio
Theme: The exoplanet revolution
M Stanley Whittingham Prof. M Stanley Whittingham
Binghamton University
2019 Nobel Laureate - Chemistry
Short Bio
Theme: The Communications Revolution was enabled by lithium batteries, now taking on climate change.
Kurt Wuthrich Prof. Sir Konstantin Novoselov
University of Manchester
2010 Nobel Laureate - Physics
Short Bio
Theme: Materials for the future
Aaron Ciechanover Prof. Aaron Ciechanover
Technion Integrated Cancer Center (TICC)
2004 Nobel Laureate - Chemistry
Short Bio
Theme: COVID-19 is also a Bioethical Challenge
Avram Hershko Prof. Avram Hershko
Technion Institute of Technology
2004 Nobel Laureate - Chemistry
Short Bio
Theme: Impact of basic research on innovation in health-related industries
Kurt Wuthrich Prof. Kurt Wüthrich
ETH Zürich and Scripps Research
2002 Nobel Laureate - Chemistry
Short Bio
Theme: The Molecules of Life: DNA, RNA, Proteins. History Placed in Perspective
Ferid_Murad Prof. Ferid Murad
George Washington University
1998 Nobel Laureate - Medicine
Short Bio
Theme: Discovery of nitric oxide and cyclic GMP in cell signaling and their role in drug discovery and development
Richard Roberts Sir Richard Roberts
New England Biolabs
1993 Nobel Laureate - Medicine
Short Bio
Theme: The Nobel Laureate campaign supporting GMOs
Luis Echegoyen Prof. Luis Echegoyen

American Chemical Society (2020 President)
Short Bio
Theme: Higher Efficiency Solar Cells and Hydrogen Gas Production from Water Splitting using Carbon-based Compounds and Materials
Donna_Nelson Prof. Donna J. Nelson
University of Oklahoma, United States
American Chemical Society President (2016)
Short Bio
Theme: Impact of COVID and selected material upon students in the organic chemistry classroom
Subra Suresh Prof. Subra Suresh
Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore
President, NTU, Singapore, former Director, NSF, USA
Short Bio
Theme: Technology, Learning and Humanity
Nektarios Tavernarakis Prof. Nektarios Tavernarakis

Vice President, European Research Council
Short Bio
Theme: The molecular links between ageing and neurodegeneration
Haruhiko Inufusa Prof. Haruhiko Inufusa

Division of Anti-Oxidant Research, Gifu University Gifu, Japan
Short Bio
Theme: Dawn of antioxidant therapy

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