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Mark Horstemeyer

Liberty University

Integrated Computational Materials Engineering For Geophysics Of The Earth
Horstemeyer International Symposium (7th Intl. symp. on Multiscale Material Mechanics & Sustainable Applications)[Multiscale Computational Mechanics ]

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Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) as reflected by hierarchical multiscale modeling along with modeling the Process-Structure-Property-Performance (PSPP) sequence will be discussed with several applications demonstrating the methodologies. The modeling methodologies will be shown to address a broad range of engineering problems. To predict the performance of a structural component, an analyst needs to consider the microstructure-property relationship to capture material history effects in the constitutive relations when performing the simulations. An effective method to capture the microstructure-property relationship is by use of internal state variable evolution equations, which reflect lower spatial size scale microstructural rearrangements so that history effects can be modeled. This methodology has now been applied to the geophysics of the earth. In engineering practice, once something is made, it is done. However, in the earth, the processing is continuous thus complicating the PSPP sequence. Finally, the past, present, and future will be discussed in the aforementioned context where the future is focused