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Luis Echegoyen

American Chemical Society

Carbon-based Compounds For Perovskite Solar Cells And Electrocatalytic Water Splitting
Marcus International Symposium (Intl. symp. on Solution Chemistry Sustainable Development)

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Perovskite solar cells have become a prime target for the development of low cost, thin, light and high efficiency devices composed of several layers. The design of selective electron and hole extracting and transporting layers is important to minimize interfacial structural and energy mismatches in order to enhance cell efficiencies and stabilities. Carbon-based compounds, such as the fullerenes, when properly functionalized, can serve different roles in the layered construction of solar cells. Our work specializes in the synthesis, purification and characterization of fullerene-based compounds specifically designed for optimal electron extraction from perovskite layers. We also work extensively with endohedral fullerenes, that is, all-carbon cages that trap metallic entities in their interior cavities that result in pronounced electronic properties changes. We work with both empty (sometimes functionalized) fullerenes as well as with endohedrals, using their convex surfaces to effect electrocatalytic processes, such as for the Hydrogen Evolution Reaction (HER), the Oxygen Reduction Reaction (ORR) and the Nitrogen Reduction Reaction (NRR), all of which are potentially important in the context of sustainable energy.