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Koji Fukui

Shibaura Institute of Technology

Twendee X Improves Cognitive Function In Vitamin E-deficient Mice
Yoshikawa International Symposium (2nd Intl. Symp. on Oxidative Stress for Sustainable Development of Human Beings)

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Reactive oxygen species may attack several living organs and gradually accumulate oxidative products such as lipid hydroperoxides. Recently, several kinds of evidence have been demonstrated that accumulation of oxidative products induces onset and progression of several severe diseases such as inflammations, cardiovascular events and more [1]. One severe disease is dementia, and it also deeply relates to senescence. To prevent age-related neurodegenerative disorders, treatment with antioxidant is effective. Twendee X, a mixed antioxidant supplement contains 8 substances [2] and anyone can buy it. However, the detailed scientific evidence is not enough. In this study, we fed Twendee X to vitamin E-deficient mice and check cognitive function.
We created vitamin E-deficient mice and Twendee X treated for one month. Cognitive function was measured by the Morris Water maze task [3].
Vitamin E deficient mice were significantly decrease learning ability. Treatment with Twendee X was significantly improved it. Brain neurotrophic factors in Twendee X-treated mouse were significantly increase compared to the untreated groups.
Twendee X has a potential as a powerful antioxidant supplement through protection against neuronal dysfunction.