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Osamu Kimura

Tokyo CA Clinic

Novel Immunotherapy Treatment Of Cancer
Intl. Symp. on Technological Innovations in Medicine for Sustainable Development

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Anti-cancer immunotherapy has become popular after immune-checkpoint inhibitors (ICI) proved effective in some cancer patients compared to conventional chemotherapies. However, the effectiveness of ICI has been reported to be around 20% and is not far from satisfactory. One of the reasons should be an inadequate understanding of the relationship between cancer cells and tumor immunity. As a result, conventional treatments have not aggressively approached the tumorigenesis side of the immune response.
We have developed new anti-cancer immunotherapy with the following vital procedures.
1. Controlling innate immune system and cancer microenvironment (CME)
2. Low dose radiation
3. Intra-tumoral injection of immune cells
With these steps in order, we have confirmed that cancer-specific cytotoxic T cells were effectively induced and could kill cancer cells rapidly in clinical practice.
This lecture will focus on the relationship between cancer cells and immune response and how our new treatment works well for patients with such advanced cancer.