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Nguyen Tran

An Innovative Direct Cardiac Compression Cardiac Assist Device For Treating End-stage Heart Failure
Intl. Symp. on Technological Innovations in Medicine for Sustainable Development

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Despite therapeutic advances that improve longevity and quality of life, chronic heart failure has kept its progressive nature associated with poor prognosis.
We have developed an original Direct Cardiac Compression cardiac assist device dedicated to the assistance of patients suffering from end-stage chronic heart failure (CHF). This type of assistance allows treatment of heart failure without direct contact with the patient's blood (unlike circulatory assistance where blood contact is a problem) and without requiring major surgery. Introduced into the thorax by small thoracotomy, this device is totally implantable, i.e. all the elements of the device (prosthesis but also the control, power supply and motorization systems) can be surgically implanted in the patient. Advantageously attached to the apex of the heart, it is able to exert localized pressure at specific locations on the outer wall of the heart in order to improve cardiac circulatory function. This device can operate synchronously with the native heart rhythm of the patient via a pacemaker control unit.
The device is now under preclinical investigation in porcine model to be proved as an effective alternative strategy to treat end-stage heart failure.