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Pinchas Mandell

Family of Israel Foundation

Isotopic Housing
9th Intl. Symp. on Environmental, Policy, Management , Health, Economic , Financial, Social Issues Related to Technology & Scientific Innovation

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Isotopic Housing™ Definition: A home which stands alone and requires no infrastructure whatsoever for water [1,2], electricity [3,4] or sewage treatment [5,6] making it completely independent. [8]
This new paradigm concept for green sustainable homes and communities is at the heart and center of the Family of Israel Foundation’s agenda for empowering mankind with the tools, technologies, and know-how to become completely decentralized and truly independent of anyone else for all the basic needs a person or family would require including the production of one’s own food (Hydroponically and organically grown chemical free fruits & vegetables as well as Aquaponic production of fresh fish as a source of high value healthy protein).
We will also include 3D Printing technologies for additive manufacturing which will utilize as its manufacturing feed-stock, plastic made from Hemp that is 10x stronger than steel, half the weight, and biodegradable [7]. This will allow the independent manufacturing of any item or tool which may be needed and can also be used to provide an addition income stream.
One of the hallmark features of Isotopic Homes™ & communities is that instead of a person having to make a living to provide for a home, the home provides a living for its inhabitants. This is not just some Utopian dream, it is actually something we can do right here, right now! All that is left to do is to optimize the symphony of technologies.