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Peter Rowlands

University of Liverpool

Cellular Automata And The Foundations Of Physics
5th Intl. Symp. on Sustainable Mathematics Applications

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Previous work by the author has proposed a foundation for physics based on a Klein-4 symmetry between the four fundamental parameters mass, time, charge and space. These parameters and the algebras which specify their properties can then be seen as generated by a computational universal rewrite system, based on a zero totality state for the universe. The algebras, remarkably, combine to a 64-component group which is isomorphic to the gamma algebra of the Dirac equation, the equation which defines the fundamental (fermionic) state in physics. A very powerful version of relativistic quantum mechanics emerges from the application of this algebra, based on a state vector which is nilpotent or squaring to zero. In view of the various proposals made for founding physics on the behaviour of cellular automata, and the claim that long-range order in automata is only possible via the Klein-4 group (1), it is proposed to investigate possible connections between the Klein-4 group as used by the author in fundamental physics and the Klein-4 group as it becomes relevant to cellular automata, along with the computational developments with which they are each connected.