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Dario Pauluzzi


Sustainable Direct Reduced Iron With Energiron Technology
Poveromo International Symposium (8th Intl. Symp. on Advanced Sustainable Iron & Steel Making)

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The last decade has been characterized by a global set of policies and regulations to prevent and reduce Greenhouses gas emissions. The iron and steel industry is the largest energy-consuming and emitter of CO2 in the manufacturing sector. However, several studies have demonstrated that by only shifting technology from the BF/BOF to the DRP/EAF can reduce carbon emissions by up to 50%. Moreover, the ENERGIRON Zero Reformer is characterized not only by 45% less CO2 emissions vs. competing technologies, but also can further increase CO2 capture up to 90% and commercialize it as a valuable by-product. In this context of worldwide concern climate change, the ENERGIRON technology has become the best solution for steelmakers that want to comply with the most stringent environmental regulations worldwide. Indeed, thanks to his flexibility to use different energy vectors, even 100% Hydrogen and capacity to further sequestrated the CO2, the ENERGIRON ZR technology is the pioneer for the future iron reduction production. Keywords: DRI, CO2 emissions, Climate change, Ironmaking, Hydrogen, ENERGIRON, Danieli