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Lijie Guo

University of Toronto

Research Progress On Mining With Backfill Technology Of Underground Metalliferous Mine
8th Intl. Symp. on Sustainable Non-ferrous Smelting & Hydro/Electrochemical Processing

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Mining with backfill has been used extensively in underground metal mines which is an important way to conduct the green and low-carbon mining operation. Backfill technologies can achieve both the maximum recovery ratio of underground mineral resources and the environment friendly disposal of mining wastes. This paper systematically reviews the recent development of mining with backfill methods, and the new technology application progresses were introduced from three aspects: high-efficiency and large-scale mining with backfill, continuous mining with backfill methods and how to reduce backfill costs in underground mining. Then the evolution and development of the mining technologies with backfill used in metal mine were introduced. The application and development trends of the whole process of backfill technology covering the preparation and transportation of tailings slurry, barricades design and the drainage of backfill slurry in the stope were analyzed. The mechanism of heterogeneous characteristics and self-weight consolidation behavior of tailings backfill slurry were analyzed, and comparisons between the traditional methods used for strength require-ment design of the backfill structure and the improved strength calculation-design methods for backfill in mine stopes were made. In addition, the in-situ monitoring methods of the backfill slurry to assess the field backfill quality were introduced. Based on the above research, it was obtained that the revolution of mining with backfill methods was the crucial path to achieve high-efficiency, large-scale and low-cost underground mining. The innovations on key points in the whole process of mine backfill were necessary measures for the stable preparation and utilization of high-quality underground backfill slurry. Most importantly, an in-depth study on the backfill mechanics of different mining methods was essential to ensure a safe, green, economical, and convenient application of mining with backfill. In the end, the research aspects and directions that should be focused on in the future were clarified. And the brief statement that accelerating the development of new technologies, new materials and new equipment for green and low-carbon backfill was the driving forces to promote the transformation and development of mine backfill was given.