Dear colleague,

This major memorial symposium is to honor the lifetime achievements of Me. Migen Dibra, Attorney at Law, LL.B., J.D., LL.M., LL.D. (PhD in Law), whose life was cut short at 50 fighting cancer.

On behalf of Mr. Hunter Carter (ArentFox Schiff LLP, United States), Dr. Yoshihisa Hayakawa (Rikkyo University, Japan), Dr. Barbora Jedlickova (TC Beirne School of Law, The University of Queensland, Australia), Dr. Malcolm McNeil (ArentFox Schiff LLP, United States), Mr. Matthew Nolan (ArentFox Schiff LLP, United States), Dr. Edna Selloriquez Pana (Tat Filipinas Golf Club, Philippines), and Mr. Daniel Shanley (Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP, United States), co-chairs of the Dibra International Symposium on Laws & their Applications for Sustainable Development (4th Intl. Symp.) (, in my capacity as President of SIPS 2024 (Sustainable Industrial Processing Summit), I am personally inviting you to participate as an author/speaker dedicated to honoring the memory and lifetime achievements of Me. Migen Dibra.

Me. Dibra LL.B., J.D., LL.M., LL.D. (PhD in Law) with all degrees at University of Montreal and New York University, was a very well-known lawyer with deep impact in laws and their applications for sustainable development. She was an excellent, all accomplished and successful lawyer equally in academic field, in court related research and guidance field as well as in litigation field. She was also a great speaker in international forums and conferences. She was a Montreal Bar Award Recipient for Excellence in Civil Law (2003) and specialized in Civil and Common Law. She was a member of Quebec Bar and affiliated with numerous organizations such as Women in the Legal Profession Committee of the Montreal Bar, Consulting Committee of Businesspeople of Carrefour, Interuniversity Research Center on Labour Globalization. She has been Chair of FLOGEN SIPS Law Symposium since 2011. Her life was sadly cut short at 50 fighting cancer as well as her high quality and intensive law activity as described in the Ceremony Celebrating her Magnificent Life that was held in the presence of honorable Members of Parliament of Canada, well-known McGill professors and honorable friends and family from Montreal, Toronto, London, New York, Chicago, Berlin, Rome, Israel and Paris. The video of Full Ceremony held in the world beautiful Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal can be found here:

This major symposium focuses on labor law, medical malpractice, corporate law, the role of lawyers, firms and bar groups in achieving sustainability, environmental, social & governance (ESG) factors & corporate duties, privacy, AI, neuro rights, the metaverse, access to justice and human rights, migration and immigration, rule of law, democracy, and sustainable self-government, and anticorruption. These and many others are among the topics of the symposium.

This symposium is part of SIPS 2024, Sustainability through Science and Technology Summit / Sustainable Industrial Processing Summit to be held in Crete, Greece from 20-24 October 2024 in Out of the Blue Resort and is in whole dedicated to Modern Hellenism and in honor of Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, Prof. Avram Hershko. The summit's website is given here ( SIPS has been organized yearly since 2003 and it is based in the concept of FLOGEN Sustainability Framework that I was invited to deliver at the United Nations Meeting in Geneva in February 2022 ( SIPS is deeply science-focused and technology & engineering-oriented, organized by the not-for-profit corporation FLOGEN Stars Outreach (, which is dedicated to achieving sustainability through science and technology. It incorporates summit plenary lectures from well-known speakers that address the links between scientific, technology and engineering domains in the pursuit of sustainable development, as well as specific science, technology and engineering symposia that feature technical presentations with the same goals in mind: Many Nobel Laureates have confirmed their participation and many well-known Academics, Engineers, Managers, Directors, CEOs, Medical Doctors, Lawyers, Economists and Politicians.

Please submit the abstract using this link: and choose in the list "Dibra International Symposium on Laws & their Applications for Sustainable Development (4th Intl. Symp.)"

Other additional information about this symposium, SIPS 2024 can be found in the official invitation:

The papers will be double peer reviewed and published in the official Publication entitled: "Dibra International Symposium (4th Intl Symp on Laws & their Applications for Sustainable Development)" containing ISBN and ISSN numbers and indexed by Google Scholar joining the existing SIPS articles. SIPS Publications over the years are indexed in Google Scholar, where we have more than 3600 records ( and Google Scholar Citation Indexes to our publications are: h-index=38 and i10-index=170 ( Furthermore, many papers upon significant will be subsequently published as part of special volume of relevant Journal dedicated to this symposium. After the symposium several best papers will be selected to be published after significant update to a relevant journal related to the topics of the symposium.

As an invitee, if you prefer to deliver a presentation with a wider scope for one of the listed topics, or on a new specialized topic of your choice, we would be pleased to take it into consideration for a possible nomination as an Invited or Keynote Lecture. In this case, please send us an email at the same address, which should indicate your interest and include a draft abstract.

In this case, please send us an email at the same address, which should indicate your interest and include a draft abstract.

Pertinent information from our website:

The symposium is the optimal conference to present your most recent work, listen to the latest achievements of your colleagues, and interact with well-known experts from diverse fields of industry, academia, and politics. We hope your participation will enable your organization to improve efficacy and implement the best sustainable research and industrial practices.

It would be a great pleasure to have you join us. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Florian Kongoli

President SIPS 2024

Organizing Committee