Stelter International Symposium (10th Intl. Symp. on Sustainable Non-ferrous Smelting & Hydro/Electrochemical Processing) in honor of the distinguished work and lifetime achievements of Prof. Michael Stelter., a very well-known professional with deep impact in Sustainable Non-ferrous Smelting & Hydro/Electrochemical Processing

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Experimental techniques: existing and new developments; Reaction kinetics, thermodynamics, minor element behaviour; Chemical & transport properties of slags, mattes, metals, fluxes; Flash/Bath Sulfide & Laterite Smelting, Fluid-Solid Reactions; Roasting, smelting, converting & refining processes & equipment; Thermo and Physicochemical Properties

This symposium is part of @SIPS SIPS 2024, Sustainability through Science and Technology Summit / Sustainable Industrial Processing Summit, which will convene at the exquisite Out of the Blue Resort in Crete, Greece, from October 20th to 24th, 2024.

FLOGEN SIPS 2024 ( from 20-24 October 2024 with the participation of a record of 10 Nobel Laureates, an international famous law judge and many Distinguished Guests. It features about 50 scientific and technology symposia covering various distinguished fields. Academics, Engineers, Managers, Directors, CEOs, Medical Doctors, Lawyers, Economists and Politicians were in attendance.

A visit to famous Knossos Palace (the 6,000-year-old civilisation) and Koules Fortress or Castello a Mare are being planned.

SIPS - Sustainability Through Science and Technology Summit / Sustainable Industrial Processing Summit is held annually since 2003 in various countries around the world:

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