2019 - Sustainable Industrial Processing Summit & Exhibition
23-27 October 2019, Coral Beach Resort, Paphos, Cyprus
Abstract still accepted for a limited time
Almost 500 Abstracts Submitted from 60 Countries
Six Nobel Laureates have already confirmed their attendance: Profs. Dan Shechtman, Kurt Wüthrich, Ferid Murad, Rudy Marcus, Yuan Lee and Klaus Klitzing.
Abstract Submission
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Session Monitor

Monitor duties include the following:
  1. Help the organizers and staff
    1. In the on-site registration process
      • By directing the attendees to the right places
      • Distributing badges, bags, and other materials
      • Provide Organizers/Staff with any help they might need

    2. During the summit
      • Placing direction signs in different places in the hotel
      • Placing and changing the door programs
      • Check for any late program updates on the room sign outside of the meeting room
      • Place session presenter update/cancellation notices on the session signs (if applicable)
      • Place the posters in the right stands
      • After poster sessions, remove all illustrations and collect other materials
      • Placing/carrying audio-visual instruments in the speakers' rooms
      • Sending written notices to attendees in the room during sessions
      • Provide Organizers/Staff with any help they might need

    3. During the social activities
      • Directing the attendees to the right places/tables
      • Help with Awards Ceremony in the Gala Dinner
      • Provide any special assistance to attendees
      • Provide Organizers/Staff with any help they might need

  2. Help the session chairs
    • Fulfill their duties described here: http://www.flogen.org/sips2019/page.php?p=47
    • During questions period direct the wireless microphones to the persons asking questions
    • Cooperate with and assist the session chair whenever your help is requested