2019 - Sustainable Industrial Processing Summit & Exhibition
23-27 October 2019, Coral Beach Resort, Paphos, Cyprus
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    Kobe International Symposium on Science of Innovative and Sustainable Alloys and Magnets (5th Intl. Symp. on Science of Intelligent and Sustainable Advanced Materials (SISAM))

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    1. Magnetism and magnetic materials,
      1. Fundamentals of magnetism
      2. Spintronics
      3. Nd-Fe-B; RE-Co; Sm-Fe-N: processing & properties
      4. Raw materials, resources, mining, extraction & recycling
      5. Nanomagnetism and magnets with reduced dimensionality
      6. Rare earth free permanent magnets
      7. Modeling & measurements
      8. Coercivity & physical properties
      9. Microstructure & properties characterization
      10. Magnets applications
    2. Complex intermetallics,
      1. Magnetic compounds
      2. Spin glass magnets
      3. Large unit cell compounds
      4. Composites
      5. In situ TEM observation of magnetic nanostructures
    3. Amorphous and nanostructured alloys,
      1. Formation and stability
      2. Soft magnetism in amorphous alloys
      3. Additive manufacturing of duplex bulk amorphous alloys
      4. Applications
    4. Quasicrystals and aperiodic crystals.
      1. Aperiodic order(s) in Nature
      2. Aperiodic magnetic order and aperiodic magnetic compounds
      3. Rare-earth based quasicrystals
      4. Transport properties of aperiodic crystals and quasicrystals
      5. Surface nanostructures on quasicrystals and related compounds
      6. Surface chemistry of quasicrystals and aperiodic crystals.

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Florian Kongoli
FLOGEN Technologies
Mariana Calin
IFW Dresden
Germany, [Bio]
Jean-Marie Dubois
Inst. Jean Lamour
France, [Bio]
Kristina Zuzek-Rozman
Jozef Stefan Inst.
Slovenia, [Bio]