2019 - Sustainable Industrial Processing Summit & Exhibition
23-27 October 2019, Coral Beach Resort, Paphos, Cyprus
Abstract still accepted for a limited time
Almost 500 Abstracts Submitted from 60 Countries
Six Nobel Laureates have already confirmed their attendance: Profs. Dan Shechtman, Kurt Wüthrich, Ferid Murad, Rudy Marcus, Yuan Lee and Klaus Klitzing.
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Dan Shechtman Prof. Dan Shechtman
Technion Institute of Technology and Iowa State University
2011 Nobel Laureate - Chemistry
Short Bio
Theme: Technological Entrepreneurship - Key to World Prosperity and Peace
Kurt Wuthrich Prof. Kurt Wüthrich
ETH Zürich and Scripps Research
2002 Nobel Laureate - Chemistry
Short Bio
Theme: Basic Scientific Research and the Quality of Life (By video link)
Ferid_Murad Prof. Ferid Murad
George Washington University
1998 Nobel Laureate - Medicine
Short Bio
Theme: Discovery of nitric oxide and cyclic GMP in cell signaling and drug development
Rudy A. Marcus Prof. Rudy A. Marcus
California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
1992 Nobel Laureate - Chemistry
Short Bio
Theme: Adventures in Electron Transfer Reactions and Applications
Yuan T. Lee Prof. Yuan T. Lee
Academia Sinica of Taiwan
1986 Nobel Laureate - Chemistry
Short Bio
Theme: Challenges and Opportunities for a Sustainable Planet
Klaus_Klitzing Prof. Dr. Klaus von Klitzing
Max-Planck-Institut für Festkörperforschung, Germany
1985 Nobel Laureate - Physics
Short Bio
Theme: How my Nobel Prize Contributed to a New Kilogram and SI Definition in 2019
Donna_Nelson Prof. Donna J. Nelson
University of Oklahoma, United States
American Chemical Society President (2016)
Short Bio
Theme: How to change mindsets of chemistry students: The expected influence on science
Subra Suresh Prof. Subra Suresh
Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore
President, NTU, Singapore, former Director, NSF, USA
Short Bio
Theme: Coming soon!
Subra Suresh Dr. Rita Severis
Canada's Honorary Consul in the Republic of Cyprus
Short Bio

Theme: Coming soon!
Masato Sagawa Dr. Masato Sagawa
Daido Steel Co. Ltd., Japan
Short Bio

Theme: Rare earth iron permanent magnets sustain the world
Athan Fox Dr. Athan Fox
Aurelius Environmental, United Kingdom
Short Bio

Theme: A World Without Waste
Fernand Marquis Dr. Fernand Marquis
San Diego State University, United States
Short Bio

Theme: Perspectives on the Role of Transformative Materials and Technologies in Energy, Environment and Sustainability

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