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Scheduling Guidelines for (Co-)Chairs

Speakers that have submitted two or more abstracts in the same symposium cannot be removed without their approval. There is nothing wrong with that; on the contrary, it results in us having more papers and publishing a more prestigious volume.

If there are many abstracts that are indirectly related, we can create a section within the symposium consisting of all of the related abstracts.

The priority at the moment before doing any changes is to ask people to register. Not all authors have registered yet, so any modifications need to account for this. The authors that have not registered need to be scheduled on the last day or at the end of each session to prevent having several gaps in the presentation schedule. Because of this, keep in mind that there will never be a strict classification of papers based on their content. When not all authors have registered, it is better to have a relaxed classification.

Authors with more than one presentation can be used to fill the gaps of those that have not registered.