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The proceedings of the Yazawa International Symposium are published in a 3 (three) volumes. The published articles have been peer reviewed.

The volumes include an initial article honoring the life time achievements of Prof. Akira Yazawa

The name, page numbers and the price(in US$) of the 3 volumes are given below:

1360 pages824 pages480 pages
Table of Content Table of ContentTable of Content

 Member PriceNon-Member price
Metallurgical & Materials Processing (Yazawa)-Three-volume Set$337 $538 
Vol. 1: Fundamentals & New Technologies (only) $154 $220 
Vol. 2: High-Temperature Metal Production (only) $154 $220 
Vol. 3: Aqueous & Electrochemical Process (only)$112 $159 

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