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This symposium is organized to share and discuss recent developments in physical chemistry of metallurgical processes and physicochemical principles involved in materials processing. These are the subjects of the life-time work of Professor Akira Yazawa in whose honor this symposium is named. Many exciting new process technologies have in recent years been developed in the fields of chemical and process metallurgy and materials processing, and many have been adopted by the industry.

This international symposium will provide a stimulating forum to critically examine the role of thermochemical and basic physicochemical principles in the development and operation of these new processes. The results of basic and applied research as well as those of plant operations will be covered in this symposium.

The specific topics to be covered include but are not limited to:

  • Thermodynamics of sulfide smelting
  • Thermo- and physico-chemical principles relevant to pyrometallurgical and hydrometallurgical plant operations
  • Advances in nonferrous production technologies
  • Thermochemistry of ferrous production
  • Environmental topics related to metals and materials production
  • New reactor design, control and optimization methods
  • Basic principles of advanced materials processing
  • Advances in materials processing technologies
  • Energy and new raw materials

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