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Dr. Florian Kongoli
Dr. Florian Kongoli, Chair
FLOGEN Technologies, Inc.

Dr. Ramana Reddy
Dr. Ramana Reddy, Co-Chair
University of Alabama

Dr. Patrick R. Taylor
Dr. Patrick R. Taylor, Co-Chair
Colorado School of Mines

Prof. Shigeo Asai
Prof. Shigeo Asai, Co-Chair
Nagoya University

Dr. Kang-IN Rhee
Dr. Kang-IN Rhee, Co-Chair
Korea Institute of Geosciences
and Mineral Resources

Dr. S. Seetharaman
Dr. S. Seetharaman, Co-Chair
Royal Institute of Technology

SIPS is the flagship event of FLOGEN STAR OUTREACH, a not-for-profit, non-political and all-inclusive science organization. SIPS as well as FLOGEN STARS OUTREACH takes no sides in political, scientific or technological debates. We equally welcome, without reservations, all spectrum of ideas, theories, technologies and related debates. Statements and opinions expressed are those of individuals and/or groups only and do not necessary reflect the opinions of FLOGEN, its sponsors or supporters.

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