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On Oxidative Stress for Sustainable Development of Human Beings (3rd Intl. Symp.)

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This major symposium is in honor of the distinguished work and lifetime achievements of Prof. Toshihiko Ozawa, a very well-known professional with deep impact in Oxidative stress for Sustainable development of Human beings.

Prof. Toshihiko Ozawa, 78, studied at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Tokyo, which is the leading university in Japan. He graduated in 1968 becoming a licensed pharmacist. In 1974 he completed the doctoral program at the University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Doctor of Pharmacy).

Between 1974 and 2005, Prof. Ozawa held several professional titles at the National Institute of Radiological Sciences, Science and Technology Agency of Japan. In 2001, Professor Ozawa became the Director of the National Institute of Radiological Sciences. After acting as Director of the National Institute of Radiological Sciences, he is now Visiting Professor at Nihon Pharmaceutical University, Emeritus of the National Institute of Radiological Sciences, Emeritus of the Society for Free Radical Research (SFRR) Japan, Emeritus of the Chemical Society of Japan, Emeritus of the American Chemical Society. He holds the Emeritus title, at the National Institute of Radiological Sciences since 2005.

In addition to his research activities, Prof. Ozawa founded numerous associations focused on free radical research such as the Society for Free Radical Research of Japan and the Society of Electron Spin Science and Technology (SEST). Prof. Ozawa is an active council member of the Society for Prolongation of Healthy Life Expectancy.

Prof. Ozawa's research contributions are presently disclosed in about 200 primary research publications. Prof. Ozawa was also the Editor of "Active Oxygens and Free Radicals" and "The Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition" scientific journals.

A round table discussion open to everyone interested will be organized at a specific date and time during the symposium. It will be a platform for high level representatives of various industries, technologies, and academic disciplines to freely discuss and debate all topics of this symposium, and identify positive and efficient pathways towards sustainability in industrial practices, technologies, and research.

You are cordially invited to actively participate in this symposium by submitting and presenting a paper, or by attending the round table. We look forward to meeting you in Panama, December 2023.

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Dr. Florian Kongoli
FLOGEN Technologies
Canada, [Bio]

Dr. Toshikazu Yoshikawa
Louis Pasteur Center
Japan, [Bio]

Dr. Haruhiko Inufusa
Med Doctor, CEO & Professor
TIMA Japan & Gifu U.
Japan, [Bio]

Dr. Christian Andre Amatore
CNRS & PSL, French Academy of Sciences
France, [Bio]

Dr. Hong-Yuan Chen
Nanjing U.
China, [Bio]

Dr. Wei-Hua Huang
Wuhan U.
China, [Bio]

Dr. Harry van Goor
Netherlands, [Bio]