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The Gradual Abandonment of many types of well known Experimental Based Models in favor of a more Universal Algebraic Theory from the General Application of a Unified Theory of Analytical Integration: 2nd Workshop

By: Mr. Mike Mikalajunas, CIME, Canada

SIPS 2024 Short Course: 20 - 24 Oct, 2024, Out of the Blue Resort, Crete, Greece

(date & time to be determined later)

General Overview:
This course is a continuation of the first course that was given in Panama last year at the SIPS 2023 conference. Our primary objective for this year will always remain the same by providing a more transparent solution on the current major limitation of Calculus in terms of not being able to establish some form of a unified theory of analytical integration.

The complete mathematical solution that was presented at the last SIPS Workshop was described in the form of Specialized Differential Forms or SDF for short with some major applications in the field of the Physical Sciences that would include Fluid Dynamics, Mechanics of Material, Quantum Mechanics and even in Cosmology. We will be demonstrating at this Workshop how the unique mathematical properties of SDF would play a major role in the development of more reliable theoretical models of the human body by working only with the general analytical solutions of the Navier-Stokes equations for the Mechanical aspect and the Schrödinger equations for the Chemical aspect of the human body.

Currently there exist no such theoretical models of the human body that would be based entirely on general analytical solutions of PDEs because of the severe limitation of Calculus which if successfully resolved by the method of SDF would become immeasurable in terms of reducing our excessive dependency on the use of experimental models in the Physical and Biological sciences.

Details of the course are given here (pdf).